Fideliz Cruz


Fideliz is passionate about making women feel their best by helping them bring out their uniqueness and authenticity. It is her vision to see women rise up in leadership in any aspect of their lives, using their gifts and talents, to build a life that they love and walk in their God given calling. Fideliz is the founder of Kingdom Women Entrepreneur Community for faith filled entrepreneurs & The Filipino Australian Business Connect. Fideliz also runs her Vision Casting Workshops, which help women create their Personal Life Vision and help kick-start their journey towards their dreams.


Life, Spirituality, Business, Australia & New Zealand




Sydney, Australia


Fideliz works with women who are excited to create a life that they love, ready to live their life on purpose with courage, clarity and fruitfulness in all aspects of their life. She helps women discover their gifts and talents, and ALL that lights them up. Her clients are entrepreneurs, life coaches and women's ministry leaders who are passionate about serving and making a change.


"Fideliz is absolutely THE go to coach for faith filled entrepreneurs and women who want to step up into their vision, passions and purpose with clarity and confidence. One of the most visionary & passionate Christian business leaders in Sydney. She offers coaching that will up level your results & help release you into walking out your God given gifts with faith and confidence." - Joanne Tweedie

"What manifested was a Self-love manual where I turned the goals of my dreams into everyday practice. I am loving life. More so than ever before. I'm unstoppable now!" - Josephine Lau

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