Fabienne Jetter


Fabienne is an International Life Coach for sensitive leaders. While born and raised in Germany, France is where her heart is. Fabienne's biggest passion is to empower like-minded sensitive women to truly believe in themselves and reconnect with their deepest visions and dreams. With her intuitive coaching and podcast ‘Sensitive Leadership’, Fabienne motivates her clients to create a personal and professional life they really love, backed with her own inspiring transformation of working in the corporate world and following her calling to become a life coach and create new ways of being.


Life, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, UK & Europe


Master's Degree International Marketing


Lyon, France


Fabienne works with sensitive women who have a deep inner feeling and knowing that there must be MORE. They feel unfulfilled in life and work and they are ready to step into their power, up level their life and create their own art of living. They are born leaders with a new and unique approach to leadership. Fabienne’s clients embody love and compassion and they go for their visions and dreams.


“Working with you was magical, soulful and empowering. Thank you for helping me tap back into the parts of me I had forgotten about and allowing me to be seen, held & heard as the person I truly am. You’re incredible and I am so grateful for this life-changing experience.” - Ellen Mohan

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