Eefje Broenland

Eve Broenland


Eve Broenland, Founder of Simply Content, is the Life Coach for people feeling overwhelmed and wanting to get clarity on what brings them joy. With her strong academic background she delivers in a pragmatic, professional and positive manner so her clients get the most effective results. Through her coaching, events, writing and speaking Eve is supporting and empowering men and women to choose a life they love.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career




Perth, Australia


Eve supports busy professionals who feel stuck in their lives to get clear on what lights them up and supports them in making conscious decisions, so they can create the space they need for their happiness. She holds a non-judgemental but personally challenging space for men and women who want to gain clarity and confidence in living a life they're excited about.


"After feeling stuck and unsure, working with Eve supported me to evaluate myself, realise what my values are and how to apply that to my life. She held me accountable, inspired me and motivated me to go for what I'm passionate about." - Adam Wahby

"Life-changing! The impact the coaching with Eve has had on my life is huge; I'm now happy and content in my own skin. I feel lighter and genuinely happy with life. I honestly believe everyone should take the time to engage a life coach like Eve to really understand where they want to go in life and have clarity and direction!" - Catherine Jones

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