Emma Waters


Emma is an intuitive health, wellbeing & soul coach for mamas plus a yoga teacher, trainer and educator. She is passionate about supporting mothers to cultivate stillness in order to connect with their inner life and wisdom - doing so through her 1:1 coaching as well as retreats and workshops. Emma’s 18 years as a yoga practitioner and an experienced yoga teacher allows her clients to draw on the tools and practices of yoga if desired, in order to create bespoke calming and nurturing routines that support wellbeing on every level. Emma’s coaching is about micro, achievable, sustainable change.


Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Motherhood & Parenting, Australia & New Zealand


Yoga Teacher and Trainer. Bachelor of Education, Primary School Teacher


Byron Bay, Australia


Emma’s coaching offerings support depleted mothers feeling the stress of the juggling act that is modern parenting. Mothers who give so much to everyone else and need the space to put their own needs back on the agenda. She helps women reconnect to themselves at a deeper level, to re-prioritise their own care and reignite their passions and personal power.


"I would describe a series with Emma as positive, refreshing and inspiring. Emma is a fantastic coach. She is so easy to talk to and open up to without any judgement." - Abby Wark 

"I am now enjoying the present moment more and the biggest change I’ve noticed is feelings of inner peace - I don’t beat myself up for relaxing and now notice what is nurturing for me and how those things bring balance to my life. Emma always asks the right questions to get down to what’s really going on and I would describe the whole experience as empowering, balanced and safe." - Bridget-Ann Murray

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