Emma Rose


Emma Rose is an Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Student & Teacher, Speaker and Change-maker. She is a leader and supporter for millennial women, guiding them to reclaim their power and uncover their true soul purpose – the one they really came here for. Emma supports women to Awaken. Awaken to themselves. Awaken to their deepest desires. Awaken to their true purpose. This is awakening through deep self-love, compassion and spiritual exploration. Her vision is rooted in the belief that by cultivating a sense of internal calm, trust and love within ourselves, we make the world a better place.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity




London, United Kingdom


Emma's clients are spiritually curious women in their late 20s and early 30s who crave deeper connection with themselves, with others and with the world around them, They're ready to embrace themselves fully and love themselves into the life they truly came here for. Through working with Emma her clients gain the clarity, confidence and self love that propels them into the life they deeply desire.


"My time coaching with Emma was life changing. In the past I've always resisted from using that term in fear of sounding too grandiose. But I think its more down to the fact that perhaps it never felt true until working with Emma. She holds space so gently for you to talk out your biggest fears & limiting beliefs with an almost effortless divine energy channeling through her. A beautiful goddess resides in you Emma, and through you I came to see my own." - Louise

"Emma listened in a way I had not been listened to before. She was encouraging, supportive, comforting, non-judgmental & reassuring. I highly recommend working with Emma." - Nina

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