Emma Rose


Hello and thank you for clicking onto my profile. I coach women who identify as leaders. This may be simply leading yourself in terms of living and working in ways that are 100% unique to you or it may be that you are leading others either via your own business or within a corporate environment. Being a great leader requires big vision thinking, deep connection to yourself and the universe, as well as a great deal of balance. I help women like you to thrive in all areas of life via coaching, spiritual exploration and development so that you can reach your biggest dreams, with grace.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, Creativity, Money, UK & Europe


 NLP Practitioner, Sacred Guidance and Soul Mentor


London, United Kingdom


My clients are inspirational women with big dreams who need support in areas around receiving as much as they give, balancing their needs with the needs of others and moving towards their financial and personal goals without sacrificing health or relationships. My clients are already on their own spiritual journeys and are often interested in deepening that area further.


"What I learned with Emma can’t be compared to anything I have experienced before, I was free to be myself and learn at my own pace, all while being lovingly supported through my challenges. I'm not exaggerating when I’m saying that I learned to love. I learned to love myself, my life and the work I’m here to do. This is the foundation of everything. I've not only changed my business, (I’m signing clients and having the most fun being my authentic self online), but I have changed my whole life. Ease, joy, and deep fulfilment are now part of my day-to-day. And the most unexpected thing is: I am now doing less and creating more." - A

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