Emilia Francesca Kirby


Emilia is an Internationally Certified Life & Wellness Coach who works with modern women to help them navigate the crazy world we know as ‘adulting’, reignite their souls and become their healthiest, happiest selves. She is driven to help women create their own rules in life and live in a way that truly lights them up. As a qualified nutrition consultant, Emilia also encourages a holistic approach to wellbeing and believes caring for our mind, body and soul is key. Her fresh approach to coaching and her own journey of self discovery makes her a super approachable and engaging coach.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Young People (18-28), Money, UK & Europe


SNHS Diploma Holistic Nutrition, Certified BTN Academy Nutrition Consultant


London, United Kingdom


Emilia works with inspired women to help them feel unstoppable in all that they do. To trust themselves so utterly and completely that they become unshakable. She helps them relearn who they are as a person and guides them to embrace their own uniqueness and use it as a powerful tool in their life and business.


"I feel so much calmer and content with myself. I believe this coaching series has set me up to deal with whatever life throws at me and has left me excited (rather then anxious) for my next steps. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Grace

"By the end of our first session I knew exactly what it was that I needed to change in my life. And then exactly how to tackle these things in a way I’d never tried/thought of before. It was a light bulb moment. Thank you, you were such an amazing coach!" - India

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