Emilia Francesca Kirby


Emilia Francesca is an Intuitive Life and Business coach who supports big hearted women and soul led coaches to step into their self worth, own their power and to expand their lives and businesses with ease and authenticity. She focuses on creating a deeply personalised coaching experience for each woman she supports and guides them back to being the leaders of their own life and to listening, trusting and aligning with their inner guidance.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Young People (18-28), Business, UK & Europe



London, United Kingdom


Emilia works with driven and heart led women who are so ready to fully reclaim their worth and deeply trust themselves so they can go out and share their magic and gifts with the world. They are women who get lit up by being of service to others and who know deep down they have so much to share.


"Quite honestly, the best investment I've made in my business. The results I've seen have been life changing" - Kerry

"It was an absolute dream to work with Emilia; her approach is just pure magic.I feel a huge sense of relief, calmness and clarity about my business, my own approach and just who I am as a coach (and person). And as a result people are coming to me so much more effortlessly" - Bec

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