Eleanor Hadley


Eleanor Hadley, founder of Sensual Yoga, is a passionate Sensuality & Self-Love Coach for women who want to step in to their feminine power, own their sensuality, enhance their sex life and cultivate deep connection with themselves. Sensual Yoga and Eleanor’s signature Sensualista coaching program is the culmination of her decade of work across development, feminine movement and spiritual healing. With a mission to redefine modern day sensuality and what it means to be a sensual being, Eleanor inspires women to deeply connect with their bodies and cultivate and unwavering sense of self-love.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Relationships, Young People (18-28)


BA (International Community Development), Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Yoga Teacher, Creating the Soulful Practice Certificate in Crystal Healing, Reiki Level Two, Diploma in Aromatherapy


Melbourne, Australia


Eleanor works with women and men who are committed to their own growth, who are curious to discover their true selves and are seeking to fall more in love with themselves than ever before. They are interested in exploring their edges, cultivating deep presence and discovering their potential for pleasure. They are ready to live life in technicolor - a truly sensual life.


 "Eleanor has a beautiful and gentle way of coaxing out inner truths, and bringing me back to a place of warmth, compassion and love, where we grounded all my goals. Her mentorship was such a gift, she was so present, loving and firm, and held me accountable. I came to you despondent, directionless and full of self criticism, and continue after you, empowered and passionate about creating my stamp on the world. You have truly changed the course of my life." - Kahli W

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