Dawn Priestley


Dawn is a Career Clarity Coach who teaches her clients to identify their strengths and passions and turn those into the kick-ass career (or business) they have always dreamed of. She helps her clients get clear on what it is they truly want and create a plan to get it – removing self-doubt, confusion and fear of failure along the way. As a "multi-passionate” and previous "serial job-jumper” she knows how frustrating it is to be stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill your life’s purpose. When Dawn grows up she wants to be known for helping a LOT of other people figure out who they want to be!


Life, Career, Creativity




Whitehorse, Canada


Dawn works with multi-passionates who know they are meant for something more in this world. Her clients are seeking their life purpose and have been stuck in a job they know they need to leave but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Dawn shows her clients how to tune in and listen to those “soul whispers” and find work with meaning – ready to embrace the life they were meant to live – with clarity, purpose and fulfillment.


"I was lost and had forgotten how to dream; I was searching for a new beginning. Now my taste for adventure has returned and I have found a positive direction to move forward in my life!" - Stacey Gartner

"My lack of confidence had left me feeling dissatisfied at work. My sessions with Dawn improved my sense of self-worth, and I now know I deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. My boss noticed a difference right away — I’m able to stand up for myself, and I realize that I can obtain goals previously thought unattainable." - Tammy Seymour

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