Danielle Knight


Danielle Knight is a your go to girl for adventurous, wild and soulful living. As a Life and Soul Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host and Travel With Purpose Mentor she empowers the Dreamers, Seekers, Free Spirits and Gypsy Souls to unlock their potential, believe in themselves and confidently do, be, have, create and experience what they want, on their own terms. She knows how it feels to have external pressures keep us from living the lives we crave, so she's on a mission to help others break free, get clear and confident in what they want and then actually make it happen!


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Creativity, Young People (18-28), Australia & New Zealand




Gold Coast, Australia


You're a soulful, curious, lover of life with a heart full of ideas who wants to lead a meaningful life full of passion and purpose, but you're stuck and have drifted away from your intuition, the belief in yourself and what you're here to do, I'm here to help you 'Rewild'. To put your desires first, connect back to yourself and feel unshakable in who you and what you truly want.


"I felt stuck trying to live up to an ideal I wasn’t sure I even wanted. I now listen to my inner wisdom & act on it. I’m living a life that I didn’t think was possible." - Danielle Branje

"I was shining at half light, didn’t feel like myself anymore and struggled with self - sabotage. Danielle helped me regain my inner strength, develop boundaries and say no to things that don’t add value to my life. I created my own dream business and found joy. She helped me come alive again!” - Brigid Alexander

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