Clare Kinsey


Clare is a Career and Life Coach who loves working with driven corporate women or business owners who are ready to discover what they truly desire and then take the action required to create a career or business which energises, inspires & fulfils them. Clare is also an experienced corporate leader, having worked for over 22 years with thousands of individuals and small businesses in Australia and internationally, so she loves to help women overcome the internal & external challenges they face to create new levels of success.


Life, Mindset, Career, Motherhood & Parenting, Money


Bachelor of Business (Major in Marketing, Finance & Management) Certificate in Leadership (Harvard Business Review)


Sydney, Australia


Clare supports driven working women who desire greater success and fulfilment in their careers, but aren’t sure exactly how to get there. Clare helps her clients to clarify what they truly desire in their career, as part of their holistic life, and then focuses on the action required to achieve their desires.


"Having recently been promoted into a new role, I was working long hours & steering towards losing balance. Clare’s ability to listen & raise thoughtful questions helped me to pinpoint the most important issues, & what I needed to do by mapping out a tangible plan with clear, measurable goals." - Ash Sukhwani

‘I worked with Clare as I felt stuck in my career. Clare helped me to realise I wanted to regain my passion for work by being in a job which leveraged my strengths. During our sessions, Clare helped me to achieve my goals. I'm now in a job which brings me greater visibility, impact & meaning!’ - Jo Valesco

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