Clare Desira


Clare’s ideas have been shared with thousands through a TEDx talk, corporate workshops, leadership programs, a money mindset program, education curriculum, products and magazines. With fifteen years of experience designing and delivering mindset, goal setting, money mindset and leadership programs in corporate, education and community settings, Clare brings tools to shift daily mindset and amplify possibilities for her clients. Clare works mainly with corporate coaching clients and a few extra individuals each year to live a life fuelled with confidence and clarity like never before.


Life, Mindset, Career, Relationships, Money, Australia & New Zealand


Centre for Sustainability Leaders Certificate


Melbourne, Australia


Feel like you’re busy being busy but not sure what you’re actually doing with your time? Clare’s clients are typically smart and kind people who have full lives and days that fly by and leave them thinking ‘What happened?!’ They’re so ready for change and to build momentum on the goals they’ve pushed aside or have been scared to fully focus on…until now. Let Clare show you what’s possible.


"Working with Clare is incredible and powerful. Her positive outlook, constant encouragement and endless belief in me is highly motivating." - Daniella LoPresti

"Clare has given me new ways of thinking about and implementing my long held goals and aspirations. Clare has really helped me to achieve so much in such a little time." - Jade Camilleri

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