Claire Ferguson


Claire empowers her clients to create the life they desire by supporting them to address and relinquish their doubts and fears. She does this by listening deeply without judgement, and asking powerful questions, to enable her clients to find the strength and power within them. Claire guides her clients to recognise they do not have to be at the mercy of their thoughts and feelings and, in fact, can choose how to think and feel. Claire’s style of coaching includes wisdom, humour and great warmth. She is passionate about her clients and delights in supporting them to achieve their intentions.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Middle Age (45+)



London, United Kingdom


Claire works with clients who are ready to address the concerns that hold them back and create the life they desire. Perhaps their self-doubt, apathy, overwhelm or simply not knowing where to start is tripping them up. Something is missing, they want more from life... they want to move forward with confidence, enthusiasm and joy.


“It has been a privilege to coach with Claire and I am so grateful for her compassion, guidance and patience. Claire’s manner and warmth set me at ease from our very first session. I felt heard, supported and reassured. I now feel able to branch out with new found care of my wellbeing, self-worth and relationships with those close to me.” - Claire Wilkinson

“Claire helped me to identify what made me enthusiastic and how to channel that. I realised that my thoughts are only true if I let them be and I can choose to keep them or kick them out if they’re non-productive.” - Kairon Meade

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