Clair Lofthouse


Clair is a Confidence and Empowerment Coach helping creative and empathetic women find their voice, claim their power and discover themselves - whether their goals are to communicate better within a relationship, heal after a breakup or thrive in life. Clair is also an experienced writer and podcaster, co-hosting “The Ex-Philes: Breakups, Broken Hearts and Moving On.”


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Relationships, Creativity, Young People (18-28), North & South America


Mindfulness Life Coach Certification


Denver, United States


Clair’s nurturing and judgment-free approach will have you laughing while building a better relationship with yourself. She helps creative, empathetic/highly sensitive people, and beginners on the journey to self-love, empowerment and confidence. Clair is passionate about working with women healing from insecurities, self-esteem issues, lack of boundaries & perfectionism.


“Working with Clair helped me regain my power and stop feeling so hopeless. Clair was able to show me how I could take back control of myself and move forward in a way that felt aligned and positive. She was knowledgeable and caring which helped me feel safe to open up. I am feeling more confident than ever to build healthy relationships with others as well as with myself! " - Sara

“I could not have picked a better person to listen, as Clair is kind, unbiased, & forgiving. Something about Clair's personality allows one to feel listened to and heard, and I think that was the catalyst for getting me to open up and allow this process to work.” - Allison

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