Christine Barnes


Equal parts Writer, Life Empowerment Coach, and Adventurer, Christine loves connecting with women and men who have chosen to travel the path of a non-conventional lifestyle. She is on a mission to reignite everyday courage while championing celebration of all progress along the journey. She lives this philosophy when she asks, "What can you celebrate today?" and then raises a pint glass to cheers.


Life, Career, Creativity


Bachelor of Science, Business Management


Manahawkin, New Jersey, United States


Christine's clients know that, ultimately, there is more to life than settling into the hamster wheel of working to live. The women and men she works with and speaks to are desperate to step up and take their lives back once and for all. Her clients are warriors in their own rights when they choose to bust through societal norms to pursue paths full of purpose, experience, and fun.


“I've learned that some things in my life are non-negotiable and to follow what feels right for me even though that might not align with other people's expectations or opinions. My biggest takeaway from working with Christine was that I can put me first and I shouldn't only demand things of myself, but also nourish myself, respond to my own needs, and have a loving understanding of my current life situation.” - Ewa Lewandowska

“I wanted to create big, lasting change in my life and Christine made me feel at ease and immediately supported. I have gained a sense of ownership of my life and like I can create my own adventure.” - Madison Hedlund

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