Chloe Wigan

Chloe Wigan


Chloe is an award-nominated life coach and writer, with a background in psychology. Her mission (the quick version) is to support you to get the most out of your one infinite life. Chloe began her personal development journey when she was twelve and starting practicing gratitude when she was thirteen. And now more than a decade later, she coaches people who are ready to make a different choice for themselves and for their lives. She supports her clients in getting the most out of their one infinite lives right now, while they take empowered action towards the things they really want.


Life, Mindset, Young People (18-28)


Bachelor of Psychological Science


Melbourne, Australia


Chloe works with people who are over playing small and holding themselves back from living the life they really want to live. Usually from the outside their lives seem fine, but deep down they know that so much more is possible for them. Her clients are wanting to enjoy their lives right now, while they take empowered action towards the things they’ve always dreamed of doing.


“After working with Chloe I now feel more aligned and purposeful than I ever have. She was so genuine and supportive every step of the way and had such a gentle way of guiding me to acknowledge what I really wanted and to bring my goals to life. Chloe has a really gentle way of guiding you to discover what’s really important and to focus on that in meaningful and authentic ways. Coaching with Chloe was so transformational for me and I would describe my coaching experience as gentle, meaningful and impactful, and I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better experience.” - Rachael Kable

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