Charlotte Pointeaux


Charlotte is an intuitive Certified Life Coach, Sacred Circle Holder, trained Youth Mentor, and founder of Sister Souls Coaching. She is the author of the eBook ‘The Sister Souls Guide: 10-Steps to Sacred Self-Care for Mamas’ and passionately supports both women and girls to feel their most empowered, confident selves who are truly able to shine and celebrate all that they are. She runs empowerment workshops for tween and teen girls, holds monthly sacred sister circles for women and guides mothers to create their most loving, fulfilled and inspired lives through her signature 1 on 1 coaching.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Motherhood & Parenting


Trained Youth Mentor, Trained Sacred Circle Holder


Southern Highlands, Australia


Empowering mamas to create an inspired, purpose-led life, guilt-free: Charlotte wants you to have it all. She wants every mum to live a beautiful life that celebrates what your family means to you AND your desire for a deeper life purpose, whether through incredibly fulfilling work or as a stay at home mama. Charlotte knows you deserve to thrive both as a mother and divine woman in your own right.


"Coaching with Charlotte has been an empowering, life-changing and transformative experience. I can't thank Charlotte enough for her support, guidance, warmth, nurturing and wisdom, and for connecting me to some fantastic resources that have been beneficial to my personal growth." - Nicole.

"Coaching with Charlotte is a transformational and powerful experience–she made a real impact on me. I had a gut feeling to work with Charlotte and I got so much from it. Now I’m more in my power, I value and honour myself and my sacred work, and I prioritise my self-care. I feel more deeply connected to myself. It’s been an incredible experience."  - Candice

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