Charlotte Pointeaux


Menstrual and Moon Cycle Coach Charlotte Pointeaux empowers soulful, creative, entrepreneurial women to deeply understand and connect to their intuition, body wisdom, and to live in flow and devotion to their cyclical nature, instead of fighting against it. Charlotte combines her passion for menstrual cycle awareness with her youth mentor and sacred circle work to her award-nominated First Moon Circles program which provides girls with holistic menstrual education and honours their menarche rite of passage. Charlotte now trains others to become First Moon Circle facilitators.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Motherhood & Parenting, Australia & New Zealand


Cycle Coach, Trained Youth Mentor, Trained Sacred Circle Holder.


Southern Highlands NSW, Australia


You’re worn out from juggling a growing biz, family and your own self-care and you’re curious about how you can optimise your productivity, creativity, energy, rest, and intuition by honouring your own cyclical nature. You want to get clear on what’s happening with your menstrual cycle and learn how to best support your health, energy and spiritual practice (whether you have a period or not)


"Coaching with Charlotte is a transformational and powerful experience–she made a real impact on me. I had a gut feeling to work with Charlotte and I got so much from it. Now I’m more in my power, I value and honour myself and my sacred work, and I prioritise my self-care. I feel more deeply connected to myself. It’s been an incredible experience." - Candice

"Charlotte you are so thoughtful, attentive and inspirational. Charlotte held a safe warm space for learning and healing." - Adrienne

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