Carolina Mera

Carolina Mera


Carolina is the founder of Mom Reinvented and the retreat "Mamá en Balance", a Coach, an IT engineer and a productivity guru. She combines structure, engineering and creativity with her empathy and caring for others. Her primary goal is to bring smart and easy solutions, routines and habits to change family dynamics and help mothers be able to dream bigger with focus and clarity. Mom Reinvented clients discover that by being happy themselves, they can give more love and transformation to their families.


Life, Career, Motherhood & Parenting, Creativity




København, Denmark


Carolina works with mothers who want to find the balance between motherhood and being a happy woman with an inspiring new journey. Carolina's clients want to focus on boosting self-care and self- confidence to empower themselves and say goodbye to being a "supermom" and organize their lives, priorities, and responsibilities into stress-free days to make room for their dreams.


"I appreciated the quality and the professionalism of Carolina. I feel that the most significant change has been to give myself the power (and responsibility) for my wellbeing. And realizing that if I am happier, less stressed and healthier, I can do more every day. I found balance." - Ainara

"The series with Carolina was a journey of taking the time to discover myself and what I can do. I spotted my strengths, and most importantly I had a better image of where do I want to go and what I want to become. I have not only made goals, but I have found ways to reach my goals." - Ramona

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