Bianca Maricchiolo


Bianca is a life coach and naturopath who specialises in working with women who want to stop playing small, want to reclaim their health and live the life they have been dreaming about in secret. Her mission is to help women let go of excuses and being their own worst enemy. Her approach to wellness is holistic, with a strong focus on mindset. Bringing her love of natural health and wellness to the modern woman, she helps clients regain energy, release fears and mindset blocks to turn around their lives and blossom in the way they've always dreamt of.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Australia & New Zealand




Melbourne, Australia


Bianca helps transform women who are physically and mentally depleted, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, and have forgotten how to put themselves first. They want to feel more confident and hold a true sense of self. Her clients build their dream life based on their strengths and passions, and shift from feeling life stress-heads to regaining vitality in their body and spirit.


“Coaching has given me more self-belief, assertiveness and confidence. With Bianca's expert guidance, I could look deeply into the things about myself I wanted to improve and find clarity on. Bianca's ability to effectively lead me towards my own discoveries meant every goal was properly considered and navigated. I feel I know myself so much better and everything I pondered between sessions has led me to a better version of myself. I see it and I feel it, and people have commented on differences in how I hold myself; I stand prouder and taller because I finally feel sure of who I am.” - Andrea Whitelaw

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