Bec Sands


Bec Sands is a career transformation coach, writer, and motivational speaker. She is passionate about helping women that feel ‘stuck’ in their current jobs decide exactly where they want to go next, whether that elevates their existing careers or start a new business, and then to take the action required to get there. Bec has climbed her way up the corporate ladder for over a decade, working in PR and corporate communications for global companies. She loves helping women overcome the obstacles they face in the workplace to create new levels of income, confidence and love for what they do.


Life, Mindset, Career, Money


Bachelor of Media (PR & Communications)


Sydney, Australia


Bec works with corporate women who feel stuck and unfulfilled in the workplace, and who know that they are destined for much more, they just aren't quite sure yet what that is or how to get there. She helps her clients to discover what they want to achieve and to feel fired up with creativity and passion towards it.


"I had an idea for a new business which had been sitting in the back of my mind for years. But life, kids, and my current business got in the way. I could never find the time to sit down and prioritise my idea to bring it to life. Working with Bec helped me to do just that. The changes have been immediate and it's really helped kick my new business into gear. After doing nothing for the past two years towards my business except coming up with a brand name, within the first three weeks of coaching with Bec I'd had a logo designed; secured three brands to sell; and had put in my first order." - Susin Thoroughgood

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