Bec Coldicutt


Bec is a multi-passionate, fun-loving, holistic life coach and Reiki Master, whose work brings her in deep service to girls and women. She offers bespoke mentoring and coaching, infused with Reiki and her experience in wellbeing, in order to assist her clients with their own intelligent rebellion against expectations and societal pressures. Bec provides clients with all the support and cheerleading they need to find their way back to themselves, and start working with, rather than against, their soul’s murmurings. 'Settling' isn’t enough; Bec truly believes we can thrive if only we listen.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Young People (18-28)


Reiki Master, Priestess, Youth Mentor Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Certified 'Pause Breathe Smile' Mindfulness Programme Facilitator


Auckland, New Zealand


I work with teen girls and women, supporting them to become heart-centred beings with a keen self-worth and purpose. With girls, I help them navigate their formative adolescent years through sisterhood that celebrates each individual and holds her with love and space. With women, I provide a powerful coaching to help them rediscover their inner knowing and leave behind the noise of expectation.


“There is so much depth to Bec and her coaching style. Her mind is sharp and her intuition is switched on. She will call BS on superficial ego responses and lead you to the depths within your own self, through her profound soul-reaching questions, and her sacred space holding abilities.” - Alli Nelson

“Throughout my coaching series, Bec gave me the opportunity to express myself and dive deep into my business and health and wellbeing which is very important to me. Bec was so supportive but at the same time kept me accountable and continued to make sure that I was growing throughout the experience.” - Bec Swan

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