Bec Coldicutt


Bec is a multi-passionate, fun-loving, holistic coach, youth mentor and Reiki Master/Teacher, whose work brings her in deep service to girls and their families. She offers bespoke mentoring, infused with Reiki and her experience in school teaching and wellbeing, in order to assist her clients with their own intelligent rebellion against expectations and societal pressures. It's all about providing a nurturing space for girls and a soundboard to their soul murmurings. Rebel Starseeds is her beloved offering to the world to deliver this service to girls worldwide.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Young People (18-28), Australia & New Zealand


Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Youth Mentor, School Teacher, Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Shine From Within Online Academy Teacher, Certified 'Pause Breathe Smile' Mindfulness Programme Facilitator


Auckland, New Zealand


I work with tween and teen girls and their families, supporting them to become heart-centred beings with a keen self-worth and purpose. I help them navigate their formative adolescent years through deep listening, support and sisterhood that celebrates each individual and holds her with love and space. My offerings include 1:1 mentoring, workshops, and retreats, in person and online.


"Bec was just so gentle and caring with Lulu and seemed to be able to reach her when many couldn’t. She saw Bec for most of that year and it was enormously beneficial. Not only did it help Lulu understand what was happening to her, but allowed her to try out new strategies to help with some of the issues she had with her peers and in the classroom. Bec was truly like our lifeline! Lulu is now in year 9 and doing so much better. We truly believe Bec helped Lulu navigate one of the toughest years of her life to date." - Lulu's Mum

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