Ashley Smith


Ashley Smith is a certified Feminine Empowerment Coach & Integrative Health Practitioner who helps women activate their full power through their optimal health and living. Through her coaching business, Forming Her, she guides women to fully connect with their feminine mind and body by understanding all their root cause imbalances, toxic loads and limiting beliefs. Ashley has created a one-of-a-kind coaching system called the R.U.L.E Formula, designed for women, where clients will release all toxins, unleash their dream life scenario, lighten their barrier load, and engage their feminine power.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Young People (18-28), North & South America


Dr. Stephen Cabral's Integrative Health Practitioner Certification Level 1 & 2


Springfield, United States


Ashley works with young women who are disconnected from their feminine mind & body. They crave to live a healthy, balanced and powerful lifestyle but are not sure where to start. Most of these women have been dealing with silent symptoms like brain fog, low energy, hormone imbalance, & inflammation that take away all their power. Ashley guides her clients to fully cleanse their body and lifestyle!


"After coaching with Ashley I have confidence to apply for jobs within my dream career, I’ve started to get back into the dating world, and I can eliminate my anxiety. The life coaching experience was motivational, inspiring and life-altering! Thank you Ashley for making me finally feel free!" - Staci Smith

"Ashley's program was such a kind and gentle thing I did for my body. Before my first session, I was feeling bloated, groggy, unmotivated, and generally apathetic about life. After coaching my mind/body connection just felt stronger. I truly started to live a more balanced lifestyle that I could easily keep up with!" - Lauren Harris

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