Ariadne Kapsali


Ariadne is a Life Coach, Mental Health professional and Yoga & Meditation teacher. With her gentle, intuitive, heart-felt, yet honest approach, she creates a safe, healing space for self exploration and meaningful transformation. In her work, Ariadne guides you to reconnect to what truly matters, to trust yourself deeply, release anxiety and stress and feel truly alive. Ariadne believes in the power of slowing down and going within; through coaching, workshops and events, she encourages you to get honest, lean in and create a life that feels aligned and meaningful.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, UK & Europe


Psychological Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher


London, United Kingdom


Ariadne works with people who are stuck and overwhelmed, who want to feel grounded, connected and are committed to showing up for themselves. Whether it’s releasing negative thinking, amplifying self care, deepening their relationships or making intentional changes in their career or life, Ariadne guides you to find clarity and take inspired, meaningful action on the changes you wish to create.


“Coaching with Ariadne was everything I had hoped for and more! She immediately made me feel comfortable to open up and be honest with myself. She helped me see things from a different perspective and be kind to myself. I feel like I’ve turned a new page in life, feeling more positive and confident that I have the tools now to move forward and work on the issues that have held me back for so many years." - J.S.

“Working with Ariadne opened me up to myself. Our time together enabled me to reconnect with myself, to find my purpose and identify what I was lacking in myself – with both practical advice and spiritual guidance." - L.M.

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