Annie Love


Annie Love is a Certified Life Coach, writer, creative spirit, wife and mother to three beautiful boys. Through her motherhood journey, she’s navigated significant health challenges with two of her children and grief following the death of her youngest son, so she understands that life doesn’t always go to plan. Annie is passionate about helping women find light and joy in their lives, even when things feel hard, and absolutely loves her work coaching incredible women. She writes over on the Mummalove blog and you can also find her podcasting at ‘The Mummalove Podcast.’


Life, Mindset, Relationships, Motherhood & Parenting, Creativity, Australia & New Zealand



Brisbane, Australia


Annie works with women who are ready to reconnect with themselves again, beyond their roles of wife and mum, and to find clarity and calm amidst their busy lives. She helps clients reignite their spark, gently guiding them to discover more joy and purpose and to create the life they dream of.


"I was in a loop of indecision, attempting to make life impacting decisions all at the same time and drowning under the pressure. After our time together, I am now speaking my truth! I can't thank Annie enough for listening judgement free, offering compassionate and realistic advice, achievable goals and most importantly for helping to keep me accountable." - Kathryn R.

"I really appreciated Annie's warmth and reassurance that I was normal! I felt like I could get on track to moving towards my goals instead of staying stagnant. I am confident again in my abilities! I hugely appreciated Annie's time and efforts." - Polly R.

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