Ann Randrup


Ann is a Spiritual Life Coach and dedicated to empowering women to step fully into their light. Her mission is to support you in manifesting the life of your dreams, step into your power and shift from pressure to pleasure in work, love and family relations. Ann will support you to unleash your own inner wisdom and to realise that you deserve it all: love, sensuality, success, joy and to live your truth. Her biggest teacher in life has been her daughter and her ex husband who taught her to stand up for herself, shift from fear to love and to never react from a place of disempowerment.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Relationships, Motherhood & Parenting, UK & Europe


Masters Degree in Communication


Copenhagen, Denmark


I work with women who are ready to let go of fear and choose freedom, women who are on the path to finding their hearts calling and to access their sacred feminine power.


"Ann has the ability to create a safe space to go through deep processes. She has the wisdom and the peace to support you every step of the way. She will hold your hand as you step into your power and start living your truth." - Rebekka Bernadette BergĀ 

"Ann listened to me with such an open heart that I felt comfortable to share my deepest fears, concerns and questions. She has held my hand, step by step and enabled me to feel okay in myself, in my body, to listen to my needs and to trust my own inner knowing." - Larah Davis

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