Amara Prince


Amara co-own’s Reflections Counselling and Coaching Centre in Airdrie, AB Canada where she bases Principality Life Coaching from. She also does remote sessions via Skype or Zoom. Amara has personally shone through abuse, divorce, her recent husband’s passing, and now her own personal battle with Lyme’s disease. Through all adversity she has learned the power of life coaching, mindset, resiliency and pure empathy for others. She believes you should feel absolutely cared for, pampered, and leave each session feeling rejuvenated, filled up ready to tackle life again fully empowered!


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Relationships, Motherhood & Parenting, Young People (18-28), North & South America


Licensed Perception Re-framing Therapist


Airdrie, Canada


Amara is here to support individuals who feel stuck in life and who experience unhealthy relationships with themselves and others. She helps them shift into lives of well-being, self-belief, become empowered, and shine once more. She believes that the unhealthiest relationship we have tends to be the one with ourselves … and we don't even realise it. Change your perspective, change your life!


"Amara has a gift for asking questions that get you into a really beautiful, safe space to meet the real you for the first time." Chaylene

"Coaching is a great tool for guided insight. Amara used my own deductive reasoning to bring me to my own conclusions, using MY intuition. Amara, you are willing to let the answers grow organically, weeding away the negativity and stress and lies. My head feels very calm these days." Rachel

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