Aimee Wilson


Aimee is a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach, Certified Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner, Speaker and Sacred Space Holder. Aimee supports women to develop a deeper connection to their awareness and intuition. She helps her clients to slow down, tune in and start to become grounded and embodied. She is passionate about educating people on the power of working with horses and how they can help clients identify patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them, to live in awareness and respond to situations rather than just reacting.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Australia & New Zealand


Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner


Geelong, Australia


Aimee loves working with clients who want to deepen their own awareness and become more embodied. Her clients are interested in connecting with horses and exploring what that relationship can teach them about their behaviours and the stories they have created for themselves.


“I hadn't anticipated just how much I needed this and how much of an impact the horses would make. Aimee was an incredible guide and her follow up session helped me identify even deeper insights." - Katie Maynes

“I had no expectations and went in with an open mind and heart and walked away with such clear insight in to how I embrace all of life, how I move, react and interact with my surroundings, with the world.” - Jo Kendall

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