Adriana Paez


Adriana is a Certified Life Coach on a mission to help moms who feel they’ve lost their identity and find themselves again so they can feel more balanced, vibrant and free. As a mom of two, she knows how easy it can be to lose yourself in motherhood and feel pulled in every direction except the one you want to go in. She believes all moms deserve to feel whole again, inspired and powerful beyond measure. Adriana helps her clients reconnect to their soul by getting clear on what they want and need so they can take back control, redefine themselves, and live with confidence and grace.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Career, Motherhood & Parenting, Middle Age (45+), North & South America



Montreal, Canada


Do you feel scattered since becoming a mom? That you’re not who you were but have no idea who you’ve become? Do you feel pulled in every direction except the one you want to go in? You’re not alone. Redefining yourself as a whole woman takes love, courage and grace. Adriana can help you get clear on your soul’s path moving forward so you can take back control and feel balanced, vibrant and free.


 “When we first connected, I was struggling to find balance in my life. No matter what I was doing in my everyday life, I wished I was doing something else. Adriana is a fantastic coach. I gained confidence in myself and became clear on how I wanted my life to look” - Catherine

“When we first started, I was at crossroads and failing to understand my purpose, asking myself a lot of questions about my career and what it would take for me to feel fulfilled and less guilty as a new mom back at work. Working with Adriana, I had a cheerleader, a truly professional & honest companion, making it easier to focus on what’s really important!” - Lwandle

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