Abby Lewtas

Abby Lewtas


Abby’s entire outlook on life changed when she ditched her successful sporting and professional career to travel and live abroad, returning three and a half years later to a world which she couldn't relate. Abby has now found a way to live and breathe adventure into every day. She works with travellers and wanderlusters who return home and find it hard to create harmony back in their ‘reality’. She lives life to its full potential through her adventures, passions and curiosity. Inspiring others to do the same by challenging their status quo and getting creative with their path forward.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Creativity, Australia & New Zealand




Anglesea, Australia


Abby works with people who are feeling confused, unsettled and trapped in their life after living and working abroad. She encourages clients to draw on their passions and behaviours from their recent adventures and apply them to their day to day life. They discover options and opportunities and find purpose and clarity to fully embrace their next adventure.


"Coaching with Abby gave me perspective as to why I felt stuck. My feelings began to shift and I started to feel empowered. Having first hand experience in traveling and reverse culture shock, Abby was able to understand, relate and offer insights that helped me to move forward." - Steph S

"During coaching, I pursued an opportunity to start my own dream business. Abby helped me set clear goals that were important to me. I grew confident and developed belief in myself. This was a massive breakthrough. Once I took the risk and stepped out of my comfort zone my goals became my reality." - Chloe S

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