Introducing Charlotte Pointeaux – 2021-2022 International Coach of the Year

May 5, 2022

Welcome to our blog series profiling the winners of the 2021-2022 Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards. The awards aim to uplift and honour our worldwide community of coaches and the incredible work they are doing through their coaching, events, programs, books, products, podcasts and more. Get ready to have your mind and heart blown wide open and be inspired by an incredible round-up of coaches.

First up we’d love to introduce you to our 2021-2022 International Coach of the Year, Charlotte Pointeaux. 

Charlotte Pointeaux is an internationally award-winning Certified Cycle and Feminine Embodiment Coach, Host of the Wild Flow Podcast and First Moon Circles Founder. Charlotte guides cyclical beings to understand, honour and live in flow with their menstrual cycle, the earth and cosmic cycles, so they can live, love and lead in a way that honours and encourages cycle awareness, womb wisdom and period positivity.

The globally-recognised First Moon Circles program is a growing community of 60+ educators, weaving together science, the sacred and sisterhood, to holistically educate, prepare, and celebrate children so they can confidently begin their menstrual cycles.

What does winning the ‘Beautiful You International Coach of the Year’ Award mean to you?

Wow it means such a lot I can’t capture in words the feeling of excitement, of being seen and celebrated and acknowledged this way. When I first trained with Beautiful You and learnt about the awards, I thought to myself, wow, imagine if one day I could win that award! The coaches who have won this in the years before have been phenomenal, doing such incredible work and doing it in such integrity, service and soul at the centre. This award has helped me to see myself differently: it helped me to be absolutely sure in myself, my mission and my way of working, and given me a boost to embody this level in myself energetically.

What are your biggest achievements since becoming a Beautiful You Coach?

The very first thing I did after graduating from the course was have my third baby! Being pregnant whilst studying was a beautiful thing because it helped me sow seeds and do foundation work to pivot towards my coaching business from youth mentor work and circle work. The coaching and business skills I learnt from the course gave me confidence to take the work I was doing and teach it to others. I created the First Moon Circle Facilitator Training in response to requests to share my method with others, and having been a part of the Beautiful You community, I wanted to build a community around my course too, so our facilitators become part of something bigger than me, bigger than the course. We currently have 60 facilitators in 11 countries on 5 continents and counting, who have created or grown businesses in their own right, and are sharing positive, empowering menstrual education within their own communities. Witnessing our facilitators step into their own purpose and create real, powerful change is absolutely a huge highlight. I’m blown away by what has been achieved collectively inside 18 months, and this only feels like the beginning.

Other things I am very proud of include becoming a senior mentor on Claire Baker’s Cycle Coach program, and beginning my podcast which has been not just so fun, but a very powerful growth opportunity to heal my relationship with my voice, and its been fantastic for business growth. Winning this award has definitely been one of my biggest achievements too!

What brings you the most joy within the work you do and the clients you get to work with?

I have woven together all the trainings and modalities I have studied together with my life coach training and created my own format: sharing this with clients and trainees is very special because I adore creating safer, inclusive, and sacred spaces for deep connection with private clients and groups. I treat everything as ceremony and a circle and love the way clients feel able to be held, connect inwards and transform through coaching, learning and practice. Witnessing clients having a richer understanding of their body, their menstrual cycle and rites of passage experiences so they feel sovereign in their body, self-loving, connected to their felt experience and confident to share their magick in the world fills my cup very deeply. I absolutely feel electric when trainees hold their very first First Moon Circle having worked through their fears, concerns and resistance to standing in their power and living their soul’s purpose – like a proud mumma – its an incredible, life-changing moment to witness.

What advice do you have for anyone who is about to embark on the journey to becoming a Beautiful You Coach? 

I am so excited for you!!! Get ready for life to blossom in a whole new way! Firstly, be dedicated in your study so you get the very best out of it and trust that taking imperfect action is absolutely the path towards where you want to be. If you wait until you feel ready, confident, and have all your ducks in a row – well that time may simply never come, and you’ll get yourself in a bind. Confidence comes from doing the thing: it doesn’t come beforehand. Keep yourself well supported with community, a buddy, and trust that although it might feel very stretchy to put yourself out there, your courage and commitment will be rewarded ten-fold.

What do you believe has helped you achieve the level of success you now have in your coaching business?

That’s a great question for me to reflect on. Firstly, I have been very committed to my own continual learning, growth and development, which has helped me specialise in the ways I have wanted to, and given me tools and awareness to be a powerful space holder. This means investing in coaches, courses, programs and soaking up books and podcasts that have all added to my toolkit. However, I have been very choosy about what I invest in and have made sure I absolutely complete what I am doing, implement the learnings and put it to use. I now have a coaching practice that feels uniquely mine: a combination of cycle coaching, embodiment coaching, rites of passage and womb wisdom work. Life coaching and circle facilitation skills underpin this. I have learnt not to be afraid to make my coaching absolutely my own because I believe in it so much.

Secondly, I have a strong spiritual and embodied self-care practice which helps me feel grounded, process my fears, doubts and overwhelm that pops up, and keeps me in my body and out of my head. I am all about cycle awareness and applying this wisdom to how I run my business has been pivotal. This means trusting that there is seasonality in my business, that there is time for rest, visioning, dreaming, and integration – as much as the planning, doing, creating, selling, launching, coaching, go go go. Balance is key for a sustainable business. Linking this to my menstrual cycle when I have had one, or the earth and cosmic cycles when I have not, has kept me grounded in this approach. Flowing on from there, I trust myself to go at my own pace: bigger, faster, brighter, is not always better. I thrive in the feminine / yin energy of choosing what feels most pleasurable, easiest, alive, and aligned with me over what the best strategy according to textbook business rules might be – however I know I need the masculine yang energy of strategy, planning and accountability to keep me moving. I just keep checking in: does this feel right in my body, do I have capacity, is this a whole body yes, and how can I use my natural cyclic energies to take action in the most easeful way. There is no rush. Our health and pleasure matters much more than getting from a to b in the fastest, shortest most linear way possible, and when we choose to live and work in this way we co-create with the universe and make way for even better things than what we might have planned for.  

In addition to your one-to-one coaching, you are the creator of First Moon Circle® Facilitator Training and host of the Wild Flow Podcast. Can you tell us more about the impact these additional offerings have had on your business?

When I launched the First Moon Circles Facilitator Training in August 2020, I basically was trusting myself and the nudge I was receiving from the universe. I was being asked to share my method, and after a lot of asking myself “who am I to do this?” and lingering, I thought what the hell and decided to just do it. What was the worst that could happen? I launched a course, sold a bunch of places, and then thought “right I had better actually make the course!!”. I created the course as we went which was very intense, but it was instantly a very powerful experience for everyone and I knew immediately that following my inner intuitive guidance, and the nudges from my community, was absolutely the way to go. Launching that course took me from returning from maternity leave and feeling like I was only just beginning in my business, wasn’t very clear on what I was doing, and didn’t feel like I was getting traction, to becoming a thought leader, recognised teacher, and go-to person, plus my income jumped significantly, and I created a community of truly awe-inspiring people who reflected back to me my gifts, impact and expertise. This has been the biggest part of my business ever since and I am at the point of looking to bring in support coaches and more coordination support to expand the reach and impact we are having.

The podcast has been epic! When I completed my BYCA coaching and set the future goals in the final module I wrote down ‘start a podcast’ in 2 years which felt scary and like a pipedream, but I never forgot that. The problem was I was so afraid to speak out: what if I made a mistake and someone took me down for it? What if people realised I was a fraud? Deep seated fears about how safe I felt to be seen rose to the surface. I was in Ellie Swift’s Swiftmind last year when I decided that – surrounded by other amazing coaches who were starting really successful podcasts – that it was time. I had support, and strategy, and momentum. Launching the podcast has been very healing for me as I have only experienced amazing feedback, comments about how loved, informative and life-changing the knowledge I share is, and I have had loads of fun chatting with amazing people and sharing my own wisdom. It is now I think my main lead generator for clients into my course and private coaching, because listeners connect deeply with my energy and can get a clear sense of how I hold space, as well as to understand more about the way I can support them.

What’s next for Charlotte Pointeaux? What exciting plans are in store for your business for the rest of the year and beyond?

2022 feels so exciting!! I am completing studies, guest mentoring on cycle coach again, and looking at expanding my business in ways that are deeply of service to my clients and to my energy. This means bringing in my first support coaches to my program as the community has so much wisdom to share beyond me. I want to invite others to step more into their power, wisdom and potential as I don’t believe in guru-style leadership. I will be launching my group coaching program in the next while called Cycle Sorcery which is about embodying your cyclic magick to live, love and lead in flow with your inner wild feminine power. I am beyond excited and the waitlist is now open! There may be something else brewing, but I will need to feel into whether its time or whether it needs more time in the cauldron to find its most aligned form. I intend to continue to advocate for period positivity for children and adults, guide community to live cyclically for health, sustainability and impact, and for us to be the most embodied leaders we can be.

Congratulations Charlotte! We’re so thrilled for you and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Find out more about Charlotte’s work at Charlotte Pointeaux

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