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inspired COACH Magazine with Naomi Arnold

June 14th, 2016 | no comments

What a joy it is to introduce you to our June cover coach and winner of the ‘Beautiful You Coaching Academy International Coach of the Year Award’ – Naomi Arnold. When Naomi signed up to become a Beautiful You Life Coach less than two years ago, little did she know that life-changing decision would see her on the cover of inspired COACH Magazine, let alone create a new and exciting way for her to work with big-hearted and creative women in a full time capacity. Now as a successful life and business coach, Naomi is proof that with hard work, determination, generosity and passion – you can live out your dreams as a coach and support others to create purposeful, positive changes in their lives. In her interview, Naomi shares how she built her business from humble beginnings, to go on and create an amazing fan base whilst also staying true to her heart-felt mission…

inspired COACH Magazine with Jenn Scalia

April 13th, 2016 | no comments

We’d hate to burst your bubble (!) but there’s no real secret to becoming a successful coach. It takes resilience and consistently showing up and providing valuable content for your clients and that’s exactly what our incredible April cover coach Jenn Scalia has done to build her successful coaching business for online entrepreneurs. If we had to describe Jenn’s story in one word it would simply be inspiring. From being made redundant in her ‘dream job’ to now coaching client’s all over the world, Jenn shares her tips on how you can find the confidence to make your mark in the coaching world. We know you’re going to love her straight-up advice and mindset tips to keep showing up in your coaching biz too! Also included in this month’s edition of inspired COACH Magazine, we have articles to help you differentiate your self-worth from your business success, how to empower your clients to…

inspired COACH Magazine with Natalie MacNeil

March 15th, 2016 | no comments

It is such a treat to have the incredible Natalie MacNeil grace the cover of inspired COACH Magazine for our March edition. As a highly successful entrepreneur, speaker, teacher and author, we couldn’t think of a better cover girl to share her wisdom and big tips for coaches! In this edition, Natalie generously share’s her story on how she expanded her blog ‘She Takes On The World’ into a global business and she gives us the inside scoop on how to attract media opportunities, write best-selling books and build an amazing team and brand. You’ll also find articles that will inspire you to feel pro in your coaching business (no matter how far along you are in your coaching journey), how to build resilience as a brand new coach and tips on empowering your clients to reach their most highest, authentic selves. inspired COACH Magazine is always available to you for FREE!…

inspired COACH Magazine with Marie Forleo

February 15th, 2016 | no comments

We are SO incredibly excited to bring you none other than coach, author, entrepreneur and B-School Founder Marie Forleo on the cover of our February 2016 inspired COACH Magazine.  Marie is an inspiring, uplifting and incredible business woman who touches the lives of countless people around the globe with her web hosted award winning Marie TV, appearances on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah, and interviews with luminaries like Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson. Marie has given a touching and candid interview in inspired COACH Magazine on topics such as the early beginnings of her now mega successful business, her love for learning and what she enjoys most about her work.  We know you will love and be inspired by Marie and her work and if you’re not already a fan you soon will be! Within this edition we also have wonderful articles on how to avoid burn-out in that business you…

inspired COACH magazine with Gala Darling

January 14th, 2016 | no comments

Happy new year beautiful you! We could not think of a better way to kick off our 2016 year of inspired COACH Magazine than with the luminous Gala Darling on the cover.  Blogger, entrepreneur, speaker, self-love advocate and now author, Gala’s journey as not only a business woman – but a woman – is at once heartfelt and also kick ass!  She has shared so many diamond gems in her cover interview with us that we know will inspire you.  And you can pre-order Gala’s book ‘Radical Self-Love’ right now and until February 9th receive amazing gifts to go with! Within this sparkling new years edition of inspired COACH you will also find articles on amazing mindset strategies and how they can positively impact your coaching business, how to run an instagram challenge (so hot right now!) and we have a NEW feature in the magazine – book reviews –…

inspired COACH magazine with Erin Stutland

December 16th, 2015 | 1 comment

Erin Stutland is an incredibly vibrant and high energy coach whose zone of genius is helping her clients MOVE – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We met Erin at a Self-Love Soiree in New York City and loved her so much that we knew we wanted to feature her on the cover of inspired COACH Magazine.  We know you will love reading her journey of fitness instructing, acting, dancing and coaching and how she combines all of these skills and passions into her incredibly successful business. Within this edition you will also find a special interview with the very first inspired COACH Cover Girl Melissa Ambrosini as she shares with us her journey to writing her first book ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl.’  There are also inspiring articles on how to deal with challenging clients, when to know if you need a virtual assistant and some yummy festive recipes thrown in too! We hope…

inspired COACH magazine with Belinda Davidson

November 30th, 2015 | no comments

Might you be a modern mystic?  Our latest edition of inspired COACH Magazine with brilliant psychic, medical intuitive and spiritual mentor Belinda Davidson will challenge you to ask yourself if you are – or possibly even confirm what you have known all along.  Belinda has given us a candid and soulful interview about her incredible global work.  For any coach who considers themselves to be doing work in the spiritual realm, it’s a must read. Within there are also fantastic articles on how to blog smarter and not harder, a mind and body cleanse for coaches as we march towards the new year, how to know if your clients desire for healthy eating is in fact an obsession and balancing your business with family. This is our second last edition of inspired COACH Magazine for the year! We hope you love it and are moving towards a soulful and spirited festive…

inspired COACH Magazine with Claire Obeid

November 15th, 2015 | no comments

One of the wonderful things we love here at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is the proliferation of new coaches using their life experiences and skills from many different areas in their coaching work.  They are everything from personal stylists to nurses to kinesiologists and all of these amazing skill sets (and so many more) can be used to such powerful impact with clients. And so it is with the lovely Claire Obeid who graces our latest inspired COACH Magazine cover.  A yogi and meditation teacher who uses these practices in her coaching extensively, Claire has built a powerful and touching coaching business that is impacting thousands of lives. We know you will love reading about her coaching journey. And within this edition of inspired COACH Magazine you will find thought provoking articles on whether your clients really know, like and trust you, how to manage your business if your personal life is…

inspired COACH Magazine with Lewis Howes

November 1st, 2015 | no comments

It’s more than about time we had a man on the cover of inspired COACH Magazine and we are thrilled that it turned out to be the amazing Lewis Howes. Lewis has just had his first book published called ‘The School of Greatness’ which is, on every page, a read that lives up to its name. A successful business mentor, investor and podcast host, we know you will love learning more about how Lewis has built his business up to be so incredibly successful. Within this edition you will also find great articles on how to understand the changing landscape of google and SEO, coaching by the cosmic stars, how to inspire miracle thinking in your clients and so much more. inspired COACH Magazine is our gift to you…entirely FREE via a simple subscription here. We hope you love it and please do press share to pass it on to…

inspired COACH Magazine with Jo-Na Williams

October 14th, 2015 | 1 comment

When we first started inspired COACH Magazine I don’t think we could ever have imagined we would now be 26 editions in and sharing with you some of the world’s most talented and amazing entrepreneurial minds and hearts. And so it is with our latest edition with Coach and Lawyer Jo-Na Williams on the cover. If you want to learn exactly what are your best steps to protect your coaching business this is a must read edition for you. And within this edition we also have articles on spring cleaning your business, overcoming the imposter syndrome, supporting your clients to eat more intuitively and so much more. inspired COACH Magazine is our gift to you from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Yes – it’s free! Just sign up here to receive the latest editions to your inbox – filled with love, care and inspiration for your business.