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inspired COACH Magazine with Jolinda Johnson

February 15th, 2018 | no comments

We are incredibly excited to share the first inspired COACH magazine for 2018! This heralds the arrival of a new direction for the magazine and we are thrilled to be focusing on our very own Beautiful You coaches and sharing more information, features and insights that will help you in the early years of building your coaching business or even before you have started your training.  The glimmer of becoming a coach may still be in your eye! We are delighted to have the radiant Jolinda Johnson grace our cover this quarter. Jolinda is a fertility coach and she shares how to go about choosing the right coaching course for you, questions to ask when doing your research and how to make the most of your training so that you can emerge as the best coach possible! This edition also features an incredible list of ‘must listen to’ podcasts and…

How To Break Through Negative Core Beliefs and Build The Business of Your Dreams

November 1st, 2016 | no comments

You could have the best client attraction strategy, beautiful website or well-connected networks and yet there’s one thing that can potentially derail your best business building efforts…your mindset. As a coach, you are likely to be very familiar with how a negative mindset can impact the lives of your clients, but what do you do when you get pulled into a negative internal spiral yourself?  Well, even though you may think it is cause to – don’t fret – because we ALL experience these fears and doubts and it’s totally normal.  It can in fact be a ‘blessing in disguise’ and a great teacher sent to help you learn more about yourself as a coach and a person. As you work towards building your coaching business, the types of thoughts that can cross your mind whenever you step out of your comfort zone can include: -Not feeling you’re ‘good enough’…

The Truth About Perfectionism and Procrastination and How It Can Jeopardise Your Life Coaching Business

August 1st, 2016 | no comments

Opening up the doors to your coaching business as a brand new coach is a very exciting time. There are plans and ideas to move forward with, potential clients to meet, and of course there’s the thrill of launching your incredible services to the world. In the initial stages, the excitement and passion of becoming a life coach is often what propels you forward. You can’t wait to follow through on your dreams and you’re committed to taking action and inspiring others. However, with any new venture, an overwhelming feeling that ‘it’s all too hard’ can wash over you at some time and this overwhelm can often lead to two things: Perfectionism Procrastination Perhaps it’s perfectionism that evolves into procrastination, or it could well and truly be the other way around – either way, they both have a way of sabotaging your efforts. Let’s take a closer look at how…

How To Reach Your Goals and Not Give Up

July 4th, 2016 | no comments

As a coach, you know how powerful the goal-setting process is in helping others take action towards their dreams. Nothing lights you up more than supporting your clients to take those courageous steps forward, but have your own goals grown a little stale in the process? With a never-ending to-do list and countless ideas for your life and business, perhaps you’ve found it difficult to follow through and take action towards your dreams? Whether you have big dreams and plans for your coaching business or more personal goals for yourself, we’ve collated our top tips to lovingly remind you that your goals as a coach are important too. There may be times when you want to throw in the towel and give up (especially when things aren’t going quite as planned) but we hope these tips inspire you to keep going and move forward with clarity and confidence! 1. Set…

Self-Love Tips for Life Coaches

February 12th, 2015 | 4 comments

We love our Beautiful You Life Coaches, but self-love is also an important thing for each and every one of you to implement too! Self-love can come in so many different forms and it’s about finding what feels good for you. We have made a list of 10 things you can start doing today to show more love to yourself. And so here are our most loved up tips for life coaches. Self-Love Tips for Life Coaches Give yourself a break.  If you are harder on yourself than anyone you know it’s totally time to give that up.  It’s not serving you or making you a better person or life coach.  Let’s move on shall we? Invest in yourself and your business.  No money spent on you for something that brings you greater confidence or a better and more enhanced way of working with your clients is ever wasted.  Ever. Get yourself…

The Power of Self-Love – Awaken Radio with Connie Chapman

September 17th, 2014 | 4 comments

Being a life coach trainer and entrepreneur I feel so blessed to have amazing opportunities presented to me every day.  The biggest and best opportunities are always where I get to meet new and incredible people, or deepen my relationships with people I already know and love. And so when Connie Chapman asked me to be a guest on her incredible podcast Awaken Radio to share my thoughts about self-love and all areas of our life – business, career, finances, relationships and more I was a big ‘Yes!’  I was going to get to spend time with this beautiful and inspirational coach and also share with you all about the most important thing in the world – love – and how we can harness the power of self-love to live our best lives in a powerful and soul connected way. If you would like to listen in to our soulful conversation…

Ten Best Personal Development Books for Life Coaches

July 30th, 2014 | 38 comments

Here’s something I absolutely know for sure. A great life coach is a well read coach. Amazing self-help and personal development books can truly make for a better life coach, particularly when they are not just read but implemented as well.  Because let’s face it – all the reading in the world will not create a better life, coach or entrepreneur if it doesn’t instil action and change within you.  That’s where the real magic lies.  Reading the words, letting them sink into your soul and mindset and then you (yes you!) gently (or maybe joltingly!) create positive change in your life, coaching skills and business. So….let me help you fill out your bookshelf and maybe even get your Christmas wish list together early with my… Ten Best Personal Development Books for Life Coaches 1. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz My favourite book of all time introduced to me…

Learning From Your Critical Inner Voice As A Life Coach

June 25th, 2014 | 19 comments

I’m delighted today to be hosting a guest post from Beautiful You Life Coach Libby Thompson. Libby is not only an incredible life coach, but a psychologist as well and recently she has become interested in the incredible role that self-compassion can play in our lives. She has been learning from the ‘Godmother’ of self-compassion based work, Kristen Neff, at a retreat, who is the best of the best in this field.  I love Libby’s post on how as life coaches we can harness the power of self-compassion in our lives more.  You can connect in with Libby further and her wonderful work at All You Can Be Psychology.  We all have it. (Yes!  Even as a life coach who is trying to ‘help’ people be their best and live an amazing life.) A critical self. That mean voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough as a…

The Myth of Being Perfect as a Life Coach

May 21st, 2014 | 10 comments

I recently asked Beautiful You Coaching Academy subscribers…’How are you and what would you like me to write about?’ (The responses blew me away and it’s something I highly recommend you try sometime.  The people who subscribe to receive your updates are ‘real’ people.  They’re not just a number on your ‘list’ – they’re part of your business team.  Reach out to them and see what goodness unfolds.) One of the requests I received was to write about concerns someone had that to be a great life coach and help others with their life, you must have an amazingly great, (real meaning – perfect), life yourself.  You must be exemplary.  Incredible.  Beyond reproach.  Beyond outstanding. Well I should firstly be honest and say that I do believe that the best life coaches are indeed great people.  They have a passion for life, people, experiences and adventure.  They’re readers, developers, communicators and love learning….

Clarity and Confidence As A New Life Coach

May 14th, 2014 | 32 comments

I’m delighted today to share with you all a guest post from one of our newest graduated Beautiful You Life Coaches – Katherine Mckenzie-Smith – on gaining clarity and confidence as a new life coach.  Katherine is an absolute inspiration and through her commitment to her study and a new life is now writing and blogging regularly and working with a number of paying clients too.  She graduated just two weeks ago.  Her words on how to gain clarity and confidence as a new life coach from a position of being really stuck in a less than happy inducing career and mindset will leave you inspired and help you understand that if you’re committed to creating a new life for yourself – anything is possible. It’s hard to believe that less than six months ago I was in a pretty bad place. I had finally, (after almost two years of procrastinating),…