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Top Eight Life Coaching Myths

November 24th, 2014 | 35 comments

In every industry and area of business there are always myths that can, if left unchecked, end up being what people believe is right and true.  The result?  People holding themselves back and stifling their real potential. And such myths and falsehoods certainly abound in the life coaching industry too.  Some of them I have noted are getting serious air and gossip time right now and they make me a little prickly, as I know for those coaches (especially new ones) who hold them tight or believe them – it could prevent them from truly achieving all they want in their life coaching business. So I want to share a few things with you that I believe are life coaching myths – or even outright falsehoods.  And if you see any within that you thought were true or are maybe holding on to – I wish you so much strength and revelation…

inspired COACH Magazine with Clare Bowditch

October 15th, 2014 | 12 comments

I’m so very excited to share with you this very special edition of inspired COACH Magazine with artist and life coach Clare Bowditch gracing our cover. Clare is a multi-award winning singer and songwriter and founder of Big Hearted Business.   She also happens to be passionate about life coaching, creativity and helping other creative and soulful people shine through workshops, conferences and retreats.  I recently had the pleasure of spending a week with Clare in beautiful Bali on the very first Big Hearted Business Creative Retreat an experience I will share with you all here in a post very soon!  Her interview will inspire you – especially if you consider yourself to be a creative and multi-passionate coach. In our October edition we also have amazing articles on helping your clients be mentally fit, how to use yoga and meditation in your coaching business and how to get those ever…

The Power of Self-Love – Awaken Radio with Connie Chapman

September 17th, 2014 | 4 comments

Being a life coach trainer and entrepreneur I feel so blessed to have amazing opportunities presented to me every day.  The biggest and best opportunities are always where I get to meet new and incredible people, or deepen my relationships with people I already know and love. And so when Connie Chapman asked me to be a guest on her incredible podcast Awaken Radio to share my thoughts about self-love and all areas of our life – business, career, finances, relationships and more I was a big ‘Yes!’  I was going to get to spend time with this beautiful and inspirational coach and also share with you all about the most important thing in the world – love – and how we can harness the power of self-love to live our best lives in a powerful and soul connected way. If you would like to listen in to our soulful conversation…

Five Top Life Coaching Business Lessons – And Confidence Boosting Affirmations!

September 10th, 2014 | 17 comments

Over more than a decade now it has been my great privilege to coach hundreds of clients one on one.  Each has taught me innumerable lessons about life, love and the true meaning of why we are all here making the very most of our lives. It has not always been smooth sailing.  There have been bumps, hiccups and tears.  All of which for me has created incredible learning opportunities to not only become a better coach and entrepreneur, but a better person too.  It’s now my great joy to teach others how to become amazing life coaches and build incredible businesses, and right now I am loving passing on many of the lessons I have learned from my clients and running a successful life and business coaching business along the way. Here are just five things I truly know that if I had practically implemented them in my first year…

Male Life Coaches and Coaching Men: An Interview with Nic Tovey

September 3rd, 2014 | 14 comments

In case you hadn’t noticed the life coaching industry is very female centric.  I don’t think there would be many people that would say otherwise – because it is in fact – the truth. This does not mean that it is a bad thing.  Far from it.  Women are amazing – and I think in particular they make pretty amazing life coaches.  And may I say also that they make amazing life coaching clients too. However I also don’t think that you would find many people in our industry (and even outside it) who would say that more male life coaches who work within the realms of life, career, relationships, sexuality, creativity, purpose, spirituality and so much more, are absolutely needed.  And in more plentiful amounts. More than ever as the individual and collective consciousness of the world is rising, more male life coaches and life coaches who work with…

Do You Really Know Who Your Ideal Coaching Clients Are?

August 27th, 2014 | 15 comments

Are you getting the sort of coaching clients you really want? Not just any coaching clients. The coaching clients you really want.  Your ideal coaching clients.  Even your perfect coaching clients. Because there is a difference.  A big difference. Getting the coaching clients you really want is not just about avoiding difficult and challenging interactions in your coaching business. Situations and interactions like coaching clients who do not pay on time or at all.  Those who are perpetually late, wanting to change appointments, or clearly not fully committed to the coaching process.  Clients who want to achieve extraordinary things in a business, but are lacking fundamental and basic skills on how to manage that business and even their day to day life.  And so much more. Of course we all want to have coaching clients that are focused and ‘ease full’ to work with. It makes everything within a coaching relationship run…

inspired COACH Magazine with Connie Chapman

August 20th, 2014 | no comments

Pretty in pink…it’s here! We are so thrilled to present to you the latest edition of inspired COACH Magazine with our amazing cover coach Connie Chapman.  If you’ve ever wanted to harness the power of your intuition in your coaching then our interview with Connie will inspire you.  She’s amazing! Within you will also find articles on overcoming comparing ourselves to others, how to confidently tell people what you do, how to choose the right virtual assistant, how to best transition from your day job to full time coach and SO much more! We hope you love reading inspired COACH Magazine as much as we love bringing it to you.  To have this issue land in your inbox please subscribe at the top of this page or you can also subscribe here.  Enjoy beautiful you!

Business Building As A Life Coach Involves Building You

August 6th, 2014 | 21 comments

If you are a new to being a life coach – maybe you are in training or have just pressed publish on your incredible new website – it’s very understandable that top of your mind is getting clients.  Very understandable. And with all the ‘help’ that is swirling about on the inter webs right now about ‘How to have your first five figure month,’ ‘Get your next ten clients,’ ‘Have a waiting list by the end of this month,’ and more, it’s also very understandable that attracting clients could become the number one thing you start to do with your time as a new coach.  Lots of social media.  Attending networking events.  Blogging your heart out.  Emailing newsletters with new offers.  And all of those things and more could be very legitimate uses of your time; especially as I know you are undoubtedly a talented life coach who deserves to have…

Ten Best Personal Development Books for Life Coaches

July 30th, 2014 | 38 comments

Here’s something I absolutely know for sure. A great life coach is a well read coach. Amazing self-help and personal development books can truly make for a better life coach, particularly when they are not just read but implemented as well.  Because let’s face it – all the reading in the world will not create a better life, coach or entrepreneur if it doesn’t instil action and change within you.  That’s where the real magic lies.  Reading the words, letting them sink into your soul and mindset and then you (yes you!) gently (or maybe joltingly!) create positive change in your life, coaching skills and business. So….let me help you fill out your bookshelf and maybe even get your Christmas wish list together early with my… Ten Best Personal Development Books for Life Coaches 1. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz My favourite book of all time introduced to me…

Listening as a Life Coach

July 9th, 2014 | 6 comments

Often as life coaches we can become incredibly concerned with a lot of things out of our control.  Things such as… “I hope she likes me.” “Does he think I’m doing it right?” “Are they going to achieve their goals?” “What if they ask for a refund?” Our inner chatter and ego can start to have it’s own dance party inside our head, sending us down worrisome pathways that can not only shake our confidence and abilities as a coach, but drive a connection wedge between us and our clients.  We can easily become fixated on things in the coaching relationship that we think are going to make things better and more meaningful for our clients, when in fact it detracts from them.  And sometimes I also think we become fixated on the latest trend or way of working, because we think that maybe ‘that’s the way’ things will really start to…