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inspired COACH Magazine with Jeanette Buchanan

November 15th, 2018 | no comments

  We are so excited to bring you a celebration of our wise and wonderful ‘older’ coaches in Issue 54 of inspired COACH magazine. Jeanette Buchanan from Life Coach For Me is our cover star this month, and is an incredibly impressive woman. In addition to being a mother of four and grandmother of 10, Jeanette started her coaching business in the second half of her life. She is generous, kind, a life-long learner and someone who champions women of all ages to step into their power. It’s a joy to feature her, and we know you will love her story and tips just as much as we do!     In addition to our feature on Jeanette, these pages include stories, tips, advice and more from Beautiful You coaches who all made the brave decision to become coaches later in life. We have contributions from Terri Connellan of Writing…

inspired COACH Magazine with Janelle Brown

August 15th, 2018 | no comments

  We are so delighted to bring you our ‘My First Year’ edition of inspired COACH magazine, featuring the incredible Janelle Brown from Life Designer U on the cover. Janelle is a fantastic example of a coach who embodies Beautiful You values.  She has committed fully to her coaching business journey to generate wonderful success within her first year of business and we are so proud of her!     Janelle is one of six incredible coaches that we have featured in the pages of this edition that is packed with actionable tips, inspiration and motivation for any soon-to-be coaches, coach trainees or emerging coaches. In addition to Janelle we speak to Hayley Tapper, Ariadne Kapsali, Fideliz Cruz, Hellé Weston and Ellie Swift who don’t hold anything back when it comes sharing the experiences of their first year as Beautiful You Coaches – the highs and lows, wins and challenges,…

inspired COACH Magazine with Jolinda Johnson

February 15th, 2018 | no comments

We are incredibly excited to share the first inspired COACH magazine for 2018! This heralds the arrival of a new direction for the magazine and we are thrilled to be focusing on our very own Beautiful You coaches and sharing more information, features and insights that will help you in the early years of building your coaching business or even before you have started your training.  The glimmer of becoming a coach may still be in your eye! We are delighted to have the radiant Jolinda Johnson grace our cover this quarter. Jolinda is a fertility coach and she shares how to go about choosing the right coaching course for you, questions to ask when doing your research and how to make the most of your training so that you can emerge as the best coach possible! This edition also features an incredible list of ‘must listen to’ podcasts and…

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Christmas Giveaway

November 29th, 2014 | 1 comment

What a year 2014 has been for us here at Beautiful You HQ.  It’s been filled with expansion, challenge, love and inspiration and the meeting of many new and amazing people who are forging a new life, career and business as life coaches. We are eagerly awaiting what is to unfold in 2015 but there’s still a little bit of 2014 left and that’s cause for celebration!  And so let’s get to it.  We have some gorgeous gifts to share with you all to get you in the festive season spirit.  And how you can win them ALL is noted below. Prize One: ‘Inner Happiness Kit’ from The Happi Empire.    Contents:  Gratitude Journal + Happi Cards + Affirmation Creator pad + Create Your Dreams Pad + Happy Balance pad + 3 Inspiring Wallet Cards.  Step into the new year refreshed, focused, calm and joyful.  Open up endless possibilities with these…

New Beautiful You Life Coaching Course Announced….And We Are in ELLE Magazine!

July 23rd, 2014 | no comments

So! The most amazing thing happened when we announced just over two weeks ago that all of our Beautiful You Life Coaching Courses had sold out for 2014.  Something that we weren’t expecting. Our inboxes became flooded with emails from those of you who wanted to be put on a waiting list, couldn’t believe you had missed out, and asking if there was any chance we may put on another one soon.  And when I say we weren’t expecting it – I really mean we were NOT expecting it!  Initially we began simply starting a waiting list but when that list became so substantial that we knew we could put on another course, we began to do some diary gymnastics – and we’ve made it happen. So! We have put on another course in Melbourne starting in October and all the details for that can be found here.  Please note that at…

Beautiful You Certified Life Coaches

July 16th, 2014 | no comments

What a joy it is for us to introduce you to the very first certified Beautiful You Certified Life Coaches and their shiny new profiles here on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website.  Each of these amazing people ventured into the brave new world of the very first Beautiful You Life Coaching Course and after extensive training, personal coaching and further learning, they are now fully available to work with clients – and they are!  Many in fact were working with clients before they even finished their training – paying clients at that! Their talent and commitment to personal development and the coaching profession is an inspiration, and for many of them, while their careers as life coaches are just beginning, they come to the field of coaching with degrees in psychology, business, event management, human resources, counselling and so much more.  It is an honour for us to have them…

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Certified

May 28th, 2014 | 10 comments

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Beautiful You Coaching Academy has been certified as an Approved Coach Education Provider by the worlds peak coaching body – The International Coaching Federation. When we first established the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, even though it meant an enormous amount of work, liaison, effort and energy, we wanted to do our very best in ensuring that if we possibly could – we would get the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course certified and our training academy internationally recognised.  There have been literally hundreds of emails, hundreds of thousands of words, two very chunky manuals and workbooks and more than a few late night chai lattes to make this happen. And we are so thrilled for not only what this recognition means for us – but most of all what it means for you and anyone who chooses to train with us.  It means that……

Beautiful You Life Coaching Course Video

May 19th, 2014 | no comments

I’m so thrilled to present to you all our new video for the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course. It was filmed here in Melbourne with the expert assistance of many of our coach trainees who are now fully fledged Beautiful You Life Coaches.  I hope you love it as much as we had fun making it, and it inspires you to think about taking the next amazing step in your business and coaching career. We have just a handful of places left in our upcoming Beautiful You Life Coaching Course in Sydney and the Gold Coast and our Melbourne course even though it’s not starting until October is already 50% sold out.

Beautiful You Life Coaching Course – Graduation Day

May 7th, 2014 | 2 comments

What a journey it has been! In late 2014 a group of brave and adventurous souls decided to take their love of people, communication, inspiration and guidance to a new level, by doing the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course.  There were so many more apply for our first course than we could reasonably take, but the ones who were meant to be – were incredible – and they have taught our team so much throughout our time with them. Throughout the course they have sipped tea (and on the odd wine!) on group coaching calls and dived into the heart and soul of what it takes to become a truly life changing life coach.  They’ve laughed together, swapped notes, done reams of homework and worksheets and chatted up a storm in the Facebook group.  Most of all they have cheered each other on as their learning has grown and they have achieved…

Beautiful You Life Coaching Course Melbourne – First Training Day

March 5th, 2014 | 6 comments

2014 is a very special year for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  We have launched our very first Beautiful You Life Coaching Course with 20 amazing women from all over Australia – Melbourne, Geelong, Phillip Island, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Each is incredible in their own right and have come into the course with degrees in business, public relations, psychology, counselling and more. Some are already incredibly successful coaches and are doing this course to increase their learning, networks, and how to consciously support their clients to work on their level of self-love, self-compassion and setting goals that have true depth and feeling for them to create an incredible life.  Others have never coached before and are in the throes of learning all about this incredible way of working with people. We laughed, connected, shared and did lots of live coaching and learning.  It was a fun and…