Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coaching Courses 2022 Bonus Offers!

Aug 24, 2021


We are so excited to share with you the bonus enrolment offers we have to celebrate the opening of our February, May and October 2022 courses. 

We have curated an incredible suite of supportive services, experiences and goodies to inspire your journey to become a life coach and well beyond that into building a thriving life coaching business.

There are six tiers of bonus offers available. Each tier has a set number of enrolments that will qualify for that tier. Once those places have been filled that tier will close and the next tier begin to fill. Please keep your eyes peeled here on our blog and on our Instagram account where we will keep you updated on which tier is currently open. 

If you know becoming a life coach is your dream in 2022 don’t wait to sign up! Give yourself the best chance to access these incredible bonuses. Please keep in mind that all our courses sell out well in advance of them starting. The time has never been better or more exciting to join us.

Our 2022 courses will launch on September 2nd at 11am AEST with the following bonus offerings ending when sold out or by September 10th at 5pm AEST. 


Download our 2022 Bonus Offers booklet HERE and find out about each of these incredible offers!

Don’t forget to download the 2022 Bonus Offers Booklet HERE so you can read through each offer and meet the incredible Trainers and Team who will be supporting you throughout your studies and as you build your own thriving life coaching business!

Have questions?
Read through our FAQ below and if you still have a question reach out to us at 

Q: When will I receive my bonuses?

This is dependent upon what the bonus is. We want you to receive them at the time they will most serve you. You will of course receive the $300 discount at the time of enrolling for either the pay in full or payment plan and no code is required for this. For all other bonuses you can read in the 2022 Bonus Offers booklet when you’ll receive them.

Q: Do I have to enter a code to receive the $300 discount off enrolment?

The discount will be applied automatically at the time of enrolment. No code is required and the discount will be applied to either the pay in full or payment plan amount.

Q: How will I know which bonuses I get?

We are expecting the first few tiers to sell out very quickly, so if you have your eye on a particular bonus we recommend enrolling sooner rather than later to give yourself the best chance of receiving it.

Keep an eye on our social media and email newsletters to see which tiers are still open for enrolment, which is of course something that can change at any moment. You’re welcome to email us at if you wish to check which ones you received, but we will also email everyone after the launch closes (September 10th) to inform you which bonuses you have received.

Q: Do I have to enrol in the February course to qualify?

You can enrol in any of our 2022 courses (Feb, May or October) and you will qualify for these incredible bonus offers. However, you must complete your enrolment between September 2nd at 11am AEST and September 10th at 5pm AEST. 

Q: Do I receive bonuses if I enrol on the payment plan?

Absolutely yes! These bonuses are available for anyone who enrols during the launch period on both pay in full and payment plan options.

Q How can I find out more about the course?

All the information on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy course is available HERE. 

Q: When does the course start?

We are offering three intakes in 2022 starting February, May and October. You can find out more including dates for each course on our course website HERE. 

Q: How do I enrol and qualify for these bonuses?

Simply complete your enrolment form HERE and we will be in touch to let you know which tier of bonuses you will receive!


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