How Becoming a Life Coach Changed My Life

January 31st, 2019 | no comments

  Have you ever considered becoming a life coach? We asked some of our Beautiful You team and Certified Coaches how their decision to become a life coach completely changed everything for them. Here’s what they had to say… Julie Parker Founder – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy “Becoming a life coach allowed me to bring together all of my life skills, education, talents and desires into one way of working with people. It also gave me an incredible platform to build an amazing business helping people live an amazing life. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”   Johanna Parker, Life & Confidence Coach “Becoming a life coach has brought so much joy and connection into my life, work and now my business. I’ve taken my skills, my endless belief in people and my many years of experience in the social sectors to a new and much…

inspired COACH Magazine with Jeanette Buchanan

November 15th, 2018 | no comments

  We are so excited to bring you a celebration of our wise and wonderful ‘older’ coaches in Issue 54 of inspired COACH magazine. Jeanette Buchanan from Life Coach For Me is our cover star this month, and is an incredibly impressive woman. In addition to being a mother of four and grandmother of 10, Jeanette started her coaching business in the second half of her life. She is generous, kind, a life-long learner and someone who champions women of all ages to step into their power. It’s a joy to feature her, and we know you will love her story and tips just as much as we do!     In addition to our feature on Jeanette, these pages include stories, tips, advice and more from Beautiful You coaches who all made the brave decision to become coaches later in life. We have contributions from Terri Connellan of Writing…

inspired COACH Magazine with Janelle Brown

August 15th, 2018 | no comments

  We are so delighted to bring you our ‘My First Year’ edition of inspired COACH magazine, featuring the incredible Janelle Brown from Life Designer U on the cover. Janelle is a fantastic example of a coach who embodies Beautiful You values.  She has committed fully to her coaching business journey to generate wonderful success within her first year of business and we are so proud of her!     Janelle is one of six incredible coaches that we have featured in the pages of this edition that is packed with actionable tips, inspiration and motivation for any soon-to-be coaches, coach trainees or emerging coaches. In addition to Janelle we speak to Hayley Tapper, Ariadne Kapsali, Fideliz Cruz, Hellé Weston and Ellie Swift who don’t hold anything back when it comes sharing the experiences of their first year as Beautiful You Coaches – the highs and lows, wins and challenges,…

inspired COACH Magazine with Madison Hedlund

May 16th, 2018 | no comments

  It is such a pleasure to bring you this very special celebration issue with our International Coach of the Year, Madison Hedlund on the cover. Madison is a coach who stands in integrity, describes her clients as “the best humans in the world” and is someone who has consistently grown her business with heart, dedication and commitment. Her journey is inspiring to anyone who has dreams of building their own coaching business with no prior coaching or business experience to their name.     In this jam packed issue we also shine a spotlight on our incredible 2017-18 Beautiful You Coaching Academy award winners and take you inside the night of the awards event so you can feel like you were right there with us. We also have some incredible trainer wisdom from Beautiful You Trainer Jade McKenzie, who talks about how you can get noticed as a new coach,…

inspired COACH Magazine with Jolinda Johnson

February 15th, 2018 | no comments

We are incredibly excited to share the first inspired COACH magazine for 2018! This heralds the arrival of a new direction for the magazine and we are thrilled to be focusing on our very own Beautiful You coaches and sharing more information, features and insights that will help you in the early years of building your coaching business or even before you have started your training.  The glimmer of becoming a coach may still be in your eye! We are delighted to have the radiant Jolinda Johnson grace our cover this quarter. Jolinda is a fertility coach and she shares how to go about choosing the right coaching course for you, questions to ask when doing your research and how to make the most of your training so that you can emerge as the best coach possible! This edition also features an incredible list of ‘must listen to’ podcasts and…

inspired COACH Magazine with Julie Parker

October 27th, 2017 | no comments

We couldn’t be more proud to bring you this month’s very special edition of inspired COACH Magazine. Whilst every edition is special and is always filled with inspiring articles, stories and words of wisdom – this one marks our 50th issue! And it was only fitting to have our very own Editor of inspired COACH Magazine and Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Julie Parker on our cover to celebrate this amazing milestone. With a successful coaching career spanning over 16 years – Julie knows a thing or two about building a sustainable, passion-fuelled coaching business. That’s why we wanted you to get to know the woman behind this inspiring resource and the life-changing coaching school. Julie’s soulful tips will inspire any established, new or aspiring coach to not only believe in their coaching dreams, but execute them with love, care, compassion and commitment. This edition is also filled…

inspired COACH Magazine with Jordan Bach

August 15th, 2017 | no comments

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone walk their talk and live their truth and one person who fully embodies this as a coach, motivational speaker and LGBTQI advocate is the amazing Jordan Bach. Gracing this month’s cover of inspired COACH Magazine, we are thrilled to be sharing Jordan’s journey from design graduate to becoming one of today’s most influential teachers in the modern spiritual scene. His message of self-love, inclusiveness, humanness and cultivating inner peace is making a difference in the lives of people all over the world.  Jordan’s honest, soulful interview is a must-read for any coach who is looking to guide their clients to greatness and his tips on being of true service in your business will allow you to build even deeper connections with the people you most want to positively impact. In this jam packed issue, we’ve totally got you covered from every angle…

inspired COACH Magazine with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

June 9th, 2017 | no comments

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can dramatically change your career and make the leap to become a life coach (and a successful one at that!), let us to introduce you to our very special cover coach for this month’s inspired COACH Magazine, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz. After 15 years working as a journalist and with three small children in tow, Amy took the courageous leap to become a life coach and create her business ‘Happy Mama’ to support fellow Mum’s prioritise their happiness and wellbeing. She has gone on to coach one on one clients, develop group programs and events for Mama’s, has had a book published and released her own magazine and oracle card deck, and we are thrilled to have awarded Amy as the ‘Beautiful You International Coach of the Year’. Read all about Amy’s journey in creating a thriving, multifaceted coaching business in her feature interview, and we know you’re going to love her genuine tips to create meaningful connections and hold…

inspired COACH Magazine with Rebecca Campbell

May 16th, 2017 | no comments

When it comes to creating a heart-centred business that is steeped in soul, truth and alignment, Rebecca Campbell embodies all of these things and more – and we are thrilled to have her on the cover of this month’s edition of inspired COACH Magazine. As a best selling author, speaker, intuitive guide and mentor, Rebecca is paving the way for the new light workers of the world to answer the callings of their soul, reconnect with their feminine power and rise together as a spiritual collective. We know her feature interview is set to inspire you to tap into your own inner knowing as a coach and acknowledge the rich learning of life’s natural cycles to build your own thriving business. In this edition we also have articles to help you step out of your comfort zone and become more visible as a coach, brand strategies to amplify your business building  and if you’re looking…

inspired COACH Magazine with Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles

April 13th, 2017 | 2 comments

This month we have not one cover coach gracing our front cover but two equally powerful and inspirational coaches, authors and speakers blazing a trail in the personal development arena.  Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles have individually built incredible businesses and together as husband and wife, have also become a dynamic duo in cultivating positive change in the lives of others. Their captivating videos, generous content and heartfelt mission to serve have enabled them to build a thriving community and sell out worldwide speaking events. In their feature interview, Alexi and Preston share their individual journeys in stepping up into the work of empowering others, and how they navigate life and love in their business partnership too. We know this infectious duo will open up your mind to what’s truly possible for you as a coach and their tips to consistently show up in your business will give you the encouragement to keep making a difference….