Sas Petherick is a Coach and Supervisor, OBSESSED with helping you heal your Self-doubt. After completing her Master’s dissertation on the experience of Self-doubt, Sas spent over a decade working with hundreds of coaching clients to develop an evidence-based, trauma-informed, ICF-accredited coaching methodology. Sas is the Founder of Self-belief School where she helps humans heal the root causes of self-doubt to cultivate tangible and sustainable self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust. And in the Self-belief Coaching Academy, Sas teaches coaches, therapists and mentors, how to effectively support clients who are impacted by self-doubt.

Sas is the host of Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt.

In this episode with Sas Petherick you will learn why it’s human to experience self-doubt and the role that curiosity and compassion can play in supporting us with it. Sas also shares how self-doubt can show up in our coaching and why it’s very possible to have self-doubt and STILL be an amazing coach. Learn about the importance of ‘being with yourself’ as a response to self-doubt and Sas’ thoughts on Beautiful You coaches and how she believes they are changing the face of the coaching industry. 

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