Arissan is a career and mindset coach who helps women navigate the job search process from the inside out. With a history of multiple career pivots, she has traversed industries without knowing what she wanted or a network to guide her. She knows what it is like to work until burnout, be overworked, underpaid and under-resourced. Using her expertise and knowledge, she helps women navigate the career switch process in a fun and empowering manner.

If you have somehow come to the conclusion that to start a business as a coach or become ‘successful’ at that undertaking (whatever success may mean to you) that can only be achieved through a particular way, format or style – our guest today is going to help you blow that concept up!  Arissa Nicole is an incredible career coach who has taken many different paths, directions and some may even say diversions to arrive at where she is now as a thriving coach. Arissan wants you to know that it is your many choices, jobs and life experiences that are an ASSET to your future coaching self and business and not the DETRACTION that some may have you believe. Let’s find YOUR way to coaching. 


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