Tara Winters is an award winning money and spirituality coach, speaker, soul guide and mother of three. After years of hiding her spirituality while working as a corporate accountant and downplaying her money wisdom in the spiritual world, she discovered that money and spirituality can, in fact, truly elevate one another. She now brings her unique medicine to lovingly guide people back to their souls and to support spiritual and creative folk to feel financially nourished so they can do the work they came here to do.

If you have ever dreamed of leaving your corporate cubicle then this Beautiful You Success Story with Tara Winters is for you. Tara was a high level accountant and finance expert for international banks, all the while holding a deep longing to be in service to people in a more meaningful way. After finding the Beautiful You Coaching Academy on a podcast, Tara trained with us and never looked back from establishing her now very successful business as a money and spirituality coach, speaker and soul guide. Along the way Tara became our 2021 Trainee of the Year and has built a full time thriving coaching business that she says truly goes ‘beyond metrics’. 

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