Katherine Mackenzie-Smith is an award-winning business coach and strategist for introverts and highly sensitive souls, an Energy + Soul Practitioner and host of the Emerge + Expand podcast. Through her 1:1 mentoring, group programs and business memberships, Katherine supports gentle leaders to create successful, sustainable businesses through their own innate wisdom and strengths. Katherine recently won International Coach of the Year 2022-23, been named a ‘self help guru’ by Elle Magazine, and in Brainz Top 500 Global Entrepreneurs, as well as being featured in a number of publications, podcasts and websites including Cleo, Collective Hub, Inspired Coach and The Introvert Entrepreneur.

What is it like becoming and being a coach who identifies as an introvert and possibly highly sensitive and empathic as well? Listen in as the 2022-2023 Beautiful You Coaching Academy joint winner of the International Coach of the Year – Katherine Mackenzie-Smith – shares her thoughts on the power of coaching as an introvert, why introverted people make incredible coaches and her special message to anyone who is an introvert and thinking about becoming a coach! The coaching industry needs people who identify in a multitude of intersecting ways. And yes…that includes coaches who are introverts!

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