How Becoming a Life Coach Changed My Life

Jan 31, 2019


Have you ever considered becoming a life coach?

We asked some of our Beautiful You team and Certified Coaches how their decision to become a life coach completely changed everything for them.

Here’s what they had to say…

Julie Parker

Founder – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy

“Becoming a life coach allowed me to bring together all of my life skills, education, talents and desires into one way of working with people. It also gave me an incredible platform to build an amazing business helping people live an amazing life. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


Johanna Parker, Life & Confidence Coach

“Becoming a life coach has brought so much joy and connection into my life, work and now my business. I’ve taken my skills, my endless belief in people and my many years of experience in the social sectors to a new and much deeper level thanks to that single decision to train with Beautiful You. As a coach I witness my clients stepping into their best, strongest and most wholehearted lives every day. I wouldn’t change that for the world.”


Jade McKenzie

Founder – The Event Head, Business and Events Coach

“Deciding to become a coach definitely took me by surprise. My business was in its early days and developing rapidly. People would come to me to help them create beautiful events but would also seek my support to help them move through the emotional fears and blocks of running events too.Reading the Beautiful You mission and curriculum, I knew that everything I wanted to be in my entire life was summed up in that one beautiful word – coach. I had always “coached” people throughout my whole career, but didn’t realise that it had a name until that moment.

Becoming a coach allowed me up to open up a whole new avenue to my business and it thrills me that it is such a thriving and exciting part of Event Head. I love that I get to connect with so many beautiful women who are ready to go on a new and exciting adventure for themselves and become a loving support to them to help bring their visions to life.”


Sammie Fleming, Life Coach

“Becoming a life coach changed my life in the most incredible ways. I was able to clarify, for the first time ever, what it is that I’m here to do. It’s been the vessel to bring my soul’s work to life in the world and have the impact I’ve craved to have for years. Throughout the process of becoming a life coach I became connected with like-minded women, sparking deep and supportive relationships with soul sisters who have become some of my best friends and greatest business cheerleaders and collaborators.”



Amy Mackenzie, Life & Business Coach

“Becoming a life coach has helped me to design a life and business bigger and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined possible for myself. It has enabled me to speak on stages around the world, cultivate deep and soulful connections and build thriving communities and resources. And the best part?! I get to help other women do the same for themselves too.”



Tash Spencer, Life & Career Coach

“I’ve always wanted to support others as part of my work, and becoming a life coach has made that possible. Not only do I have the opportunity to facilitate positive change in people’s’ lives and careers, but I get to do it in a way that brings my own skills, strengths, passions and values together. Nothing brings me more joy than witnessing my clients create their own version of success and I have the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy to thank for that.”



Ellie Swift, Mindset & Marketing Coach

“Before studying with Beautiful You, I worked a demanding marketing role in a corporate agency that I had always thought was my ‘dream.’ Since becoming a life coach, I’ve gone on to create a thriving business that allows me to work with inspiring women, connect with like-minded humans all over the world, be more abundant than ever before and empower & support other women to make these changes in their lives too. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”



Liz Deanna, Life Coach

“My favourite thing about becoming a life coach has been meeting incredible like-minded women and making genuine, deep, supportive friendships. The connections, community and collaborations that have come from studying with Beautiful You have been beyond anything I could have ever dreamt of. I have made best friends for life.”



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