Beautiful You Life Coaching Course – Graduation Day

May 7, 2014


What a journey it has been!

In late 2014 a group of brave and adventurous souls decided to take their love of people, communication, inspiration and guidance to a new level, by doing the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course.  There were so many more apply for our first course than we could reasonably take, but the ones who were meant to be – were incredible – and they have taught our team so much throughout our time with them.

Throughout the course they have sipped tea (and on the odd wine!) on group coaching calls and dived into the heart and soul of what it takes to become a truly life changing life coach.  They’ve laughed together, swapped notes, done reams of homework and worksheets and chatted up a storm in the Facebook group.  Most of all they have cheered each other on as their learning has grown and they have achieved incredible things such as attaining their first paying clients, getting sign ups to their e-courses and being invited to speak to groups of their ideal audience.

And on our last training and graduation day together there were quiet moments of reflection and thought about hopes and dreams to still come true…

Girls In Thought

There were also more than a few laughs and joyous moments…

Girls Laughter Girls Laughing

There were lots of opportunities for live coaching and helping each other take the next big step in life and business…

Dragana Kate

And with a final few words it was time for congratulations, amazing wishes, certificates, presents, hugs and graduation joy…

Certificate Rachelle Rhi

One last photo session with now life long friends and new careers and businesses as life coaches set sail…

527-DSC_1995_1 378-DSC_1765_1

On behalf of the entire Beautiful You Coaching Academy team we are so thrilled for them all and cannot wait to meet our new trainees in June for our Beautiful You Life Coaching Course in Sydney and Gold Coast.  There are only a handful of places left for each and so we would love for you to join us and begin building your life and business as a life coach too.



    • Julie

      Mine too Katherine. Mine too.

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