The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is a heart centered and people focused business that aims to make a difference in the world in everything we do.

We absolutely love life coaching, life coach training and life coaching clients.

We provide an inclusive learning environment that values diverse perspectives.  We are welcoming of all people in our work inclusive of their race, ethnicity, national origins, gender, gender identity, sexuality, socio-economic class, age, religion and ability. 

Our Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values guide our work every day in every way.  They inspire us to bring you our very best – so you can be your very best too.

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy Team

Julie Parker

Julie is at the centre of everything that makes the heart of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy beat. One of Australia’s most experienced and in demand life and business coaches, Julie’s passion for coaching is infinite and her goal with establishing the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is to ensure that every person who has ever dreamed of being an amazing life coach and having a fulfilling life coaching business – achieves that dream. Learn more about Julie and find out how to book her to speak at your next event.

When Julie is not doing all things coaching, you can find her listening to jazz, watching any movie with Steve Carell in it, tending to her amazing rose garden, cuddling her excessively fluffy and very cute rescue cats, Cookie and Leo, or immersing herself in embodying the Divine Feminine, Goddess culture and feminist spirituality.

Glenn Parker
General Operations and Training Manager

Glenn believes that anyone who is enjoying a life well lived, is learning, and that our education does not end when we skip out of the school gates or hand in our University graduation cap. With a seventeen year background in adult training and education specialising in business set up and management, Glenn oversees all the behind the scenes work in our life coach training courses and the general operations of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

When he’s not chatting to life coaches and soon to be life coaches, Glenn is busy being a loving hubby, Dad to a teenage daughter and Richmond Football Club supporter. He will be basking in the golden glow of the 2017 and 2019 Premiership for many years to come!

Liz Deanna
Client Care and Communications Manager

If you email us (hello you!) you are most likely going to be responded to by our wonderful team member Liz. She’s warm, funny and entirely dedicated to ensuring you get whatever you most need from us by way of enquiry or as a trainee. Liz is also a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach and so she knows our course inside out.

When she’s not helping brilliant people from all over the world become life coaches, Liz is a talented speaker and dog lover. And she lives to laugh. If she makes you snort tea through your nose we take no responsibility!

Leana Mullane
Social Media + Content Manager

Leana is our social media superstar and the creative mind behind our Instagram and Facebook presence. A lover of all things beautiful (and pink), Leana fits right into Team Beautiful. A smiley, warm-hearted magical unicorn, she’s here to keep you updated with everything we do.

When she’s not scrolling Instagram or celebrating the amazing things our coaches are doing, Leana is being creative through styling, photography, or simply picking her outfit for the day. Leana is a Beautiful You coach herself, always wanting the best for others, and brings passion and commitment to all she does. She also has a super cute bunny called Blossom too!

Christy Limotan
Administrative Assistant

Christy is our amazing Team Assistant. She does a ‘little bit of this’ and a ‘little bit of that’ which adds up to a whole lot of amazingness that we simply can’t do without. She supports us with everything from scheduling to course delivery to our website, and above all else she makes our lives and business easier, smoother and more fun.

If you’re a dog lover Christy is your woman! She has 5 beloved pooches!

Our Commitment to Justice and Equity

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy acknowledges that our core workplace is situated on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, as well as to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our wider communities.

We are committed to the personal and organisational work required to create equity and justice. Diversity is one of our core values, we welcome people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, gender identities and religions to our work, especially those who hold an underrepresented identity such as being Black, Brown, Indigenous, a Person of Colour, a person with a disability or those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer, intersex or asexual.

We recognise that people often face socio-economic barriers to education and skill development and we offer part and full scholarships in every one of our courses to people who hold an underrepresented identity and wish to train with us. To express your interest and be informed when opportunities are available please contact us here.   

We are building a worldwide community of coaches who desire to impact positive change in the lives of their clients and communities. We support our core staff and training team with education and opportunities relating to issues of social justice and equality, and provide free support and resource sharing for our trainees and graduates who desire information in these areas as well.  The aim of this is to support our coaches to be aware of issues such as internalised oppression, white supremacy, patriarchy, social inequalities and more, so that they can navigate the world with a deeper understanding of social justice issues and how those impact their own sense of self, their clients, and the communities they touch with their work. We are grateful to have a world class and exceptional teaching faculty of experts to help us do this.

At our in-person gatherings and in our magazine we are committed to as diverse a representation of people as possible. We acknowledge that since the establishment of the Academy this is not something we have always gotten right and for that we issue a standing apology and commit to doing better.  In doing so we not only expose our trainees and graduates to brilliant people of diverse backgrounds, we hope that other coaching schools and online businesses take note of the great disservice we do our industry when we don’t commit to diverse representation – and take the action needed to create a coaching industry that values all peoples above competition, marketing and profit.

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is proud to support the work of UN Women, a global champion for women and girls responsible for promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality around the world.  Priority areas for UN Women include expanding women’s leadership and participation, ending violence against women and enhancing women’s economic empowerment. We do this through direct donations, attending events and amplification of the work UN Women does.