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Beautiful You Coaching Academy Certified

May 28th, 2014 | 10 comments

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Beautiful You Coaching Academy has been certified as an Approved Coach Education Provider by the worlds peak coaching body – The International Coaching Federation.

ICF Logo

When we first established the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, even though it meant an enormous amount of work, liaison, effort and energy, we wanted to do our very best in ensuring that if we possibly could – we would get the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course certified and our training academy internationally recognised.  There have been literally hundreds of emails, hundreds of thousands of words, two very chunky manuals and workbooks and more than a few late night chai lattes to make this happen.

And we are so thrilled for not only what this recognition means for us – but most of all what it means for you and anyone who chooses to train with us.  It means that…

You are receiving your life coach training from an internationally recognised training academy
The life coach training you are doing has been rigorously reviewed by a panel of International Coaching Federation experts in both core coaching competencies and coaching resource development
You can feel assured that your life coach training is considered to be amongst the best in the world
Your training with us means you become an Internationally Certified Beautiful You Life Coach

If you want to join us then please enrol to become a Beautiful You Life Coach here.

We can’t wait to have you join us!

Beautiful You Coaching Academy

10 people have commented
  1. Wow! That’s wonderful news. Congratulations Julie to you and your team. As you know, I have done other ICF accredited course but it wasn’t nearly as good as the Beautiful You Course so your accreditation is well deserved!

    Well done!

    • Thank you Libby! It’s amazing to hear from someone as experienced as you that the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course really shapes up well against other courses you have done. We’re really excited about this recognition.

    • Thank you SO much Louisa! We are so thrilled for what this means for us and our trainee life coaches as well.

  2. Congrats Julie and to your tribe!! Super awesome news! Looking forward to hearing when the course will be offered to all of us interested and exited gals overseas…I live in Connecticut-USA. Keep us posted please. Again, bravo and enjoy! Cathy

    • Thank you Cathy! There are SO many of you amazing coaches and soon to be coaches that are asking about the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course being available globally – and we’re listening! Coming as soon as we can…