4 Key Elements that Create Irresistible Coaching Packages

Aug 28, 2020


When you tune into the vision of your coaching business, maybe a future like this pops to mind:

  • You look at your calendar for the week ahead…your shoulders relax, your chest expands, and you feel your whole body smile
  • You feel truly lit up by the clients you’re working with and the goals you’re supporting them through
  • You sense a ridiculously strong connection to how you share your gifts with the world…so as a result, communicating how you help and marketing your business feels fun and expansive
  • Your bank account reflects the life-changing value you’re creating in the lives of others.

(If you’re nodding along at this point — you’re in for a treat!)

A key part of bringing this vision to life calls for irresistible coaching packages that are aligned with your unique skills and strengths.

When you craft coaching packages that resonate with your dream clients and honour who you are — well…watch out, World! Your coaching business is set to reach new heights like never before.

Coaching packages that are irresistible to your dream clients, and feel irresistible for you to offer put you in the best position to be in full alignment with your work: to love your days and weeks, to feel energised by your client-facing time, and to create the easiest path to becoming fully booked.

So let’s take a look at the 4 key elements that make up coaching packages your dream clients can’t wait to say ‘yes!’ to.

Key element #1: Get specific

You might’ve heard about getting clear on who your ideal client is. But instead of getting caught up in the demographics of who they are — whether they live in a city or the country, whether they prefer a glass of chardonnay to pinot noir — spend time dialling into their psychographics instead: what they think, feel, and how they see the world.

So, when it comes to who you’re most excited to help…who are they? 

What do they believe (in life, in their world, in their day-to-day)? 

What are their values?

And just as importantly: Who are you most excited to work with? Who do you find it easiest to support? What particular area of your work lights you up the most? Your answers to these questions will also turn out to be the clients you’re most likely to have the biggest impact with. #notacoincidence

Once you get clear and *specific* on who your package is for, your ideal clients will come across your offer and know “this is made for me”

Key element #2: Tap into what your ideal client wants and needs

As business owners, a big part of what we do comes down to getting clear on the challenges and desires of our clients and offering services that help them achieve their dream outcome. 

So, the challenges and desires of your ideal client need to be front and centre as you’re creating your irresistible coaching package.

Spend time in places your perfect-fit people hang out — FB groups, IG accounts, real-life events…even the online review section of books that are specific to the challenges they’re facing. 

These places will give you mighty useful intel — not only will you discover those deeper desires…you’ll discover how they talk about what they’re struggling with, and what support they’re looking for. 

Use this intel as you craft your coaching package. But also use the language your dream-kinda clients use to express themselves. When you reflect this back to them in your copy and marketing, you’ll be communicating what they need to know in the way they need to hear it.

Key element #3: Let joy be your guide

While it’s important that your packages and products are shaped to delight your dream clients, it’s just as important that they delight you too. Both go hand in hand if you want to create truly irresistible coaching packages. So it’s time to get honest with yourself and hone in on what you *want* to offer — not just what you can offer.  

When it comes to your coaching, what client transformations do you delight in MOST?

When you create offers that you *love* to provide, a couple of things happen: firstly, you’re more likely to get a buzz out of sharing how you serve your ideal clients (aka consistently marketing and selling your coaching package/s).

Secondly, you’re in the best position to receive fabulous feedback, referrals, and repeat business when your clients see how much joy you get from being in service.

So, you might love coaching—but do you enjoy offering unlimited support between sessions? Or if you love that in-between support, would it light you up to provide it via email or voice messages or personalised videos?

Do you find joy in having sessions with your clients *every* week? Or every second week? Which structure allows you to support them in achieving their results in the short AND long term?

Are there other ideas that come to mind for sharing the joy of your work and helping your clients get results? (i.e meditation downloads, an automated email series they receive ahead of their first session, downloadable journal prompts…)

When you craft your services around this ‘joy’-factor, you become infinitely better at magnetising your dream clients towards them.

Key element #4: Convey the value of your work

Now that you’ve taken the time to get SUPER clear about how you help, you’ve likely gained some fresh perspective on the big-hearted difference you’re here to make in your clients’ lives. Now it’s time to convey the value of your work to those dream clients of yours.

To do this, tattoo these two points somewhere handy (yep…they’re *that* important):

1.Before introducing your offer, show that you get where your ideal client is currently at. Take the time to reflect back to them your understanding of what they’re thinking, feeling and experiencing here and now, before they’ve worked with you. When you do this — on your sales page, in your emails, on your IG posts — they’ll know that the solution you offer next (your coaching package) is designed for them.

Ask yourself:

  • When my ideal client thinks about what they’re struggling with, what sentences are they thinking to themselves?
  • What does a ‘day-in-the-life’ look like at the moment for my ideal client? What do they think and feel in response to it?


2. Lead with the benefits and outcomes your coaching offers — the features are important, but only because they make the outcome possible. How many sessions your client will receive deserves less air time than the results your coaching supports them to achieve for themselves. 

Ask yourself:

  • What outcomes and results are my clients MOST desiring? What are they secretly wishing for as they blow out the candles on their birthday cake?
  • What would their life look like with those results? If I had to create a movie scene of their desired transformation, how would I describe it?


These 4 key elements will have you well on your way to creating coaching offers that feel fully aligned.

When you use these as your guideposts, you’ll have created irresistible coaching packages that highlight your unique skills and strengths, speak directly to your dream clients, and make becoming a ‘fully-booked coach’ oh-so achievable.


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