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Instagram Resources for Coaches

January 29th, 2014 | 16 comments

Welcome to a new blogging feature here at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy where we are going to present to you the very best round up of resources, tips and links from the web on topics that are relevant to building your life coaching, health coaching and business coaching business (and more!).  We hope you find it incredibly useful and if there is a particular ’round-up’ of resources or topics you would love us to cover – leave us a comment and we will see what we can do for you!

Our first ‘Resource Round-Up is about Instagram.

Instagram Resources for Coaches

If you’re a coach of any kind and you’re not using Instagram right now – you might like to do yourself a favour and take a look at it.  We are all pretty visual creatures by nature and this photo and video sharing site, which can easily be accessed from your smart phone or tablet, is a breeze to use, fun, highly engaging, and can give your ideal clients a photographic glimpse into your coaching world – and your personal world if you choose too as well.  You can use Instagram to promote your latest blog post, show you in action speaking at a workshop, make everyone drool over your latest health coach recipe, share an inspiring quote and give a peek inside your work day.

Here is the Instagram feed for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and in particular our Beautiful You Life Coaching Course and inspired COACH Magazine. What you call your Instagram account is really not that important – it can be your name or your coaching business name if you have one.  The more important thing is what you share on it and how you use it to engage others. I love it as a social media platform.  In fact – it’s my favourite one right now.

Excited to get started or improve your use of Instagram for your coaching business?  Here you go!

Instagram Resources for Coaches

Not sure what to really post on instagram?  Katie Wagner says – start with stories. 

Think your coaching business has nothing to do with branding OR that you don’t have a brand?  You do!  Heidi Cohen shares 5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Gain Brand Awareness.

Listen to Instagram Expert Sue B.Zimmerman and Life and Health Coach Leah Jantzen talk about her instagram success strategy.

Want to get serious and start tracking your instagram stats?  Get yourself over to Statigram.

Make those Instagram snaps pretty!  This round up by Social Media Examiner on 20 Instagram Apps to Enhance Your Photos and Videos is uber comprehensive.  Have fun!

Want to master the ‘selfie?’  This guide to taking better self-portraits on an i-phone from the wonderful Vivienne McMaster is – well – wonderful.

101 Tips for Using Instagram for Business – Casey Gollan has you covered in this great list.

She’s got nearly 90,000 Instagram Followers.  Here’s her ‘cheat sheet’ for Instagram.  Follow the Fat Mum Slim magic.

Hot Coaches to Follow on Instagram

Want to see how some gorgeous coaches are using Instagram really well?  Here are some hot coaches to give you some inspiration!


Life Coach Connie Chapman A beautiful Instagram feed of gentle and soulful living Connie style

Health and Lifestyle Coach Clare Hutton Delicious and delectable food, recipes and inspired living via Clare’s lovely photos

Health Coach Clare Obeid Yoga and life inspiration from Clare in sunny Sydney

Life Coach Madison Hedlund Inspiring prompts and gorgeous snaps of her vibrant life in Missouri, USA

Are you using Instagram as a coach?  I’d love to hear your experiences about it in a comment below and if you’re finding it fun and easy to use and something that is bringing you clients too.  Also – if you have loved this post and think another coach might like it too why not share the love!

16 people have commented
  1. I have been using Instagram for a while now as a coach – it’s also my personal account but that works great because I love beautiful and inspirational things. As well, I want my clients (and colleagues) to be able to relate to me on a personal level and not just as their “coach”. I can share messages in a beautiful photo/picture format and I know that just scrolling through your Instagram feed can brighten up any day. I love participating in and hosting giveaways and Instagram is a great way of doing this as well. By linking up FB, Twitter, Insta and whatever else I know I get the message across to my clients, potential clients and followers wherever they are!

    Heidi xx

    • That sounds great Heidi and I must admit that I really like my personal and pro account being blended too. Every time I have thought about splitting the two I just can’t quite seem to bring myself to do it and think a little bit of the personal within the professional is just fine!

  2. I love instagram and it features every day in my life pretty much. As a Wellness Lifestyle + Biz Coach it showcases a more personal side of me. My family, of course our meals, our weekend adventures and then every now and again, information on upcoming workshops, programs or tours. I have formed an amazing circle of babe’s on insty that I have never met (creepy right?:) and some I have at events. LOVE it. When I meet people they know the names of my kids and husband. Even what our house and yard look like. Boy, times have changed. (p.s great great coaches you have listed. Love them)

    • Your love for Instagram really shows Alice – you have great photos that are a lovely mix. I adore it too and in fact would easily say it’s my favourite form of social media engagement right now. It feels so easy and enjoyable too – something of course we all could do with more of in our businesses!

  3. Love that you’ve written about this Julie – brilliant resources in those links and love the pics shared by the awesome coaches above. Instagram is the one form of social media that feels really natural to me, I’m so grateful I had you encouraging me to make my profile public as since doing so I’ve met other coaches, formed incredible friendships and connected with new clients from it. At this stage I don’t think very strategically about it (a good reminder to start using Statigram) but think it’s a great way for clients to see I walk my talk and it’s also a fab way for clients to share with me successes in their coaching journey by tagging me in food, exercise or other pics!

    • That’s so wonderful to hear Cara about you making connections with others. I know that at times we are all likely guilty of spending a little bit too much time on our computers and mobile devices but when I hear people criticise social media blindly I’m quickly reminded of the truly incredible people it has bought into my life and I know others too. It can be a powerful personal and professional tool. And your foodie photos are always divine – I love them!

  4. Great post Julie! I love (love!) Instagram and it’s become a fun and fabulous platform for me to meet other coaches, friends and clients. In fact, one of my best friends I met on Instagram last year! The simple, visual nature sets it apart from all other social media platforms I think – it’s very powerful! (And addictive – ha!)

    • You’re SO right Claire – Instagram can be super addictive but super fun too. So glad you’ve met some amazing people from there.

  5. I started using instagram simply because I loved taking pictures, sharing love and expressing! A while later I began tapping my coaching, yoga practice and spreading the lifestyle to do”s. I am so glad to have read this wonderful resource, really gave me some edgy points. Thank you for compling it!

    • You’re SO welcome Vivienne. I love your site and photography. It would have been a travesty not to let everyone know about you.

  6. Thanks so much for these awesome resources! As a Health Coach, I love Instagram because I can show people how amazing a healthy lifestyle can be. Plus it keeps my brand approachable and relatable. I’ve downloaded a few of the app suggestions, as well as Statigram. Thanks again!!

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