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Hands up if you’ve felt the miracle in:

Your client putting their silent dreams into said aloud goals

That moment your client sees a possibility for the very first time (because of your coaching)

That shift in self-worth that comes from taking action

Your highest intention for a session unfolding in the most beautiful way

Fears dissolving into fuel for chasing dreams

Tears of triumph and heart-swelling pride as big leaps are made and shared

These are the moments you live for

As a coach, to be doing work that transforms lives – one moment at a time – it’s hard not to fantasise about what it would feel like to ride this natural high forever.

My guess is you’ve already experienced one of those miracle moments during your coaching career to date and you’re ready to experience many more. If you haven’t, I have total faith that you will.

Imagine living in your element and helping people achieve unfathomable levels of self-love and self-defined success.

That’s the life I’ve created for myself through my own coaching practice and the one I’ve helped others build through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

I feel for any coach who doubts their ability or lacks the support to achieve the kind of success, that I know, is absolutely within their reach.

That’s why I’ve created the Inspired Coach Collective because it’s no secret that the more those miracle moments happen for your clients, the more your confidence (and coaching schedule) expands.

Beautiful you, let me tell you - there are more of those moments to come…

Let’s make them happen!

I'm Julie Parker

As the founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and editor of inspired COACH magazine, it’s true that my coaching practice has changed shape over the years, but I still live for those moments too.

Whether you’re new to coaching or an established coach hoping to experience more of what makes coaching the best job on earth….I’d like to help you stay inspired and enriched.

And let me tell you, if you’re feeling frustrated that those moments are too few and far between, then I can say with absolute certainty that you are on the right path. How can you not be when you’re a coach for the very best reasons?

If you wake up in the morning with that longing to make your client’s lives better, (and to have more clients to serve), you deserve to be supported and inspired to do it.

If you’re devoted to real people and real change then the truth is: you’re my kind of coach.

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But how do you open yourself up to the magic of the moment, when you’re worried about making your practice profitable? How can you grow into the coach you want to be, when you’re more focused on your fears, (like not having enough clients to make full-time coaching inevitable), than your dreams?

If your ultimate dream is to be able to coach full-time (or as much as you jolly well please!), I don’t want anything holding you back. I want to arm you with inspiration and resources so you can be the most amazing coach you are more than capable (and worthy) of being.

I have a dream too. And you’re very much a part of it.

I have a dream that one day every person who desires it can access incredible coaching. I know from personal and professional experience that coaching helps people reach their full life and business potential, so why shouldn’t coaching be available to everyone who could benefit? Not just the über rich or wildly successful.

If you’re devoted to real people and real change then the truth is: you’re my kind of coach.




You regularly received high quality coaching resources that you could use with your clients (and yourself!) – resources that led them (and you!) through blocks and fears and into the lives they desire?


You were part of an inspired network of people who were dedicated to working in a way that was authentic, soulful and filled with amazing value and practicality?


You were supported to help your clients achieve great results which increased your likelihood of rave reviews and referrals?


You had privileged access to experts and expert information - the kind of access you couldn’t get anywhere else?

Live Coaching

You got live group coaching three times a year from a seven figure a year coach who has helped launch hundreds of successful coaching businesses?


You got your burning questions about what it really takes to build a profitable coaching business answered?

I know what it takes

to build a thriving and successful coaching business and I am passionate about seeing other people do the same. People, like you, who genuinely want to have an enormous impact on others. I help coaches confidently love who they are and what they have to offer and get on with doing work that makes a difference.

Things they say

My expectations of working with Julie were high based on her fabulous reputation. I hoped and craved genuine clarity and illumination from our sessions, especially on how I could do all the things I was passionate about in a way that was meaningful to me. I felt incredibly validated right from the beginning of our time together, and that the instinct that life coaching could be a great calling for me was indeed right. I now feel as though I can live the life I’ve dreamed of – where I am connected with people on a spiritual and creative level, and still contributing to the human body of ‘art’ and being a humanitarian. I have this feeling because the space Julie created was one where my fears were allowed to be expressed, but not dwelled upon. We took action and transformed them, so they became an active energy.

I have now garnered the strength to share my blog more and not concern myself with people’s perceptions or judgements’ and I’ve started practice coaching too. I feel so much more connected with my true interests. I now know my spiritual and self-help junkie-ness is incredibly helpful and has a real purpose, not just for me but also for others, and I can’t wait to share that further. I feel ignited and nurture, and how have the clarity I so longed for.

Amy Somers


My first contact with Julie was via email. I reached out to her saying I felt ‘stuck’ and she wrote back in such a helpful and encouraging way. She didn’t try to push her business onto me, but was genuinely generous with her time, which made me immediately think “YES!” I would love to work with her.

I went into my SHINE Consult seeking clarification on my future business ideas and pathway. I had a million questions to ask Julie and she made me feel guided and supported the whole way. Having her help me identify what my limiting beliefs were and how they were stalling me on progressing my dream, combined with her honest feedback and encouragement, made the whole experience for my so clarifying and empowering.

Julie you are the embodiment of your brand – beautiful! Thank you so much for being available, honest, supportive, encouraging and allowing me to take the journey I needed to take.

Cara Phillips


Before I started coaching Julie I knew I wanted to leave my corporate job and follow my heart into a business that deeply fulfilled me; but it felt completely out of reach. I was stuck in fear and indecision until Julie said those beautiful words that changed my life course – “There will never be a right time (to take the leap).”

Julie was the perfect coach for me. I’d initially planned to stay for another 6-8 months in my job, but as soon as we began working together, I knew it was going to happen much sooner. Julie’s suggestion to put an expression of interest in my newsletter about my (yet to be created) coaching packages, instantly garnered me 30 clients. I resigned the following week.

Starting my business has been the most incredible experience, and coaching with Julie was the catalyst. There’s been a complete shift in my energy. I’ve made peace with my fears and learned to trust my intuition and abilities. Everything I do from a place of self-empowerment. I’m now living the abundant, joy-filled, meaningful life I used to dream about!

Thank you so much Julie, you are a rare sparkling gem and I’m blessed to have worked with you.

Rachel McDonald


I adore Julie. Her coaching gave me the kick-start I needed to take my business to the next level.

Being a coach I know how valuable coaching is. When I first spoke with Julie what stood out to me was how she corrected my language if I ever said anything negative or put myself down. I loved that! It helped me see how I was creating my reality of being unclear about my business direction and being afraid of moving forward. She understood my pain and yet provided a safe space for me to rise above it.

By the end of our first session I felt like I could take on the world. I came out of it with specific action steps to move forward and as a big vision thinker, sometime caught up in the romance of the future, Julie helped me break things down into nuggets of action. I’m now so much more ‘out there’ on social media and after I worked through my website copy so it came personally from my heart, I no longer felt held back.

Her coaching met and exceeded all of my expectations. I moved forward so quickly so quickly on things I had been dragging the chain on for months and I couldn’t have achieved what I have without her.

Debbie Spellman


I saw Julie speak at an event and was captivated. I knew instantly I wanted her to be my coach. I didn’t have any expectations about our work together but I knew I needed this coaching for me especially to help with my purpose in life and self – care, as well as some business coaching from someone so successful in business themselves. Julie had more belief in my ability than anyone I had ever worked with, and she taught me that I have to start before I’m ready stop putting things off until they’re ‘perfect’. I knew that I was going to have a blog by the end of our time together from our very first session. (and I did), and my dream of a new career path was going to be a reality.

People around me have noticed since I started coaching that I am more self-acceptance and less stressed. I feel like I have discovered my purpose and its becoming a reality, making me happy, driven and excited! I am attracting more like-minded people into my life and manifesting things I want. I am OK with being alone and being intimate with me. I also now don’t feel trapped in my current job and see it as a means to an end whilst I am working away on my nutrition blog, believing that will get wings soon.

Thank you so much for coaching me Julie and giving me the push I needed to believe in me play big. YOU ROCK!

Courtney Moran


When I first connected with Julie, I was overwhelmed about launching a new business and website, working in a job I didn’t enjoy, and searching desperately for some clarity on what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to get my site up and running and find the right training to become a life coach. I realised I needed to step up and get some accountability in order to get my site finished and create a powerful foundation for my business.

Upon first talking to Julie, I realised that she was exactly what I was looking for and I didn’t even think about it, I just said yes. I just knew that some powerful stuff was going to happen and making the investment in myself was the first step to creating a life and business that I really wanted.

After our first session I had some real action steps to get moving forward and some great tips as to how to get moving straight away. In our early sessions, I was very focused on getting my site up and running, building my list, guest posing and the practical aspects of the business. It was great to get this done quickly but the things that changes the most, though, was the self belief that I developed. I was very unsure about my future, my business, and my ability, and through working with Julie, I managed to push through my limiting self beliefs and trust that I could do it and I would, as long as I got out of my own way. It was truly the most valuable thing that happened to me, not just in our series, but in my whole year.

Julie, working with you changed my life. I will never take for granted the magical alignment that happened that brought your into my life as both my coach, my teacher and my mentor. And I will never stop thanking you for believing in me before I could and for creating the Beautiful You Academy.

Elizabeth McKenzie


I had returned to my regular job and was wanting to take my business to a new level at the start of my coaching series with Julie. I needed an injection of confidence and help to organise my ideas into a functional way forward. My expectation was to get some really useable help for my business and I felt confident that Julie could offer that to me.

The biggest thing I achieved – and I’m still working on – relates to my self belief and confidence, and the knowledge that I am worthy of success and abundance. I now present myself more confidently and channel my energies into actions that will lead me to success.

If there was one thing I wished from my coaching with Julie it would be for it to keep going! Working on your own, its so great to have that sounding board. Thank you so much for your generosity, honesty and guidance Julie. You are such a wonderful soul with a genuine desire to assist and guide.

Fiona Trewhitt


Imagine having coaching support at a small cost that helped you

Yes! I'd love to join the Inspired Coach Collective

When you join the inspired COACH Collective you receive


Expert audio interviews to help you grow your business and become the best coach you can be. Think a members only private interview series featuring some of the most incredible coaches and experts in the world.

Client Worksheets

Beautifully designed downloadable worksheets and tools for you to use with your clients (and yourself!) to take inspired action.

Live Coaching

3 Live Group Q & A calls with Julie Parker. (That’s right, beautiful. You can expect the not-holding-anything-back guidance for working with clients, building a thriving business and navigating entrepreneurial life with me directly).

Annual Membership

All of this support and inspiration delivered directly to your email every MONTH throughout the annual cycle. Never feel stuck on ideas for moving your clients beyond their comfort zones again.

Want to get excited about your

private interview experts?

We don’t blame you! Here they are…

Amelia Williams

Vulnerability & Authenticity As A Coach

Elizabeth Bradley

Successful Coach Facebook Groups

Jenna Black

Attracting Business Abundance

Michelle McCartan

Coaching Highly Sensitive People

Sarah Magdalena

Coaching Website 'Musts!'

Victoria Gibson

Client Generation

Sounds good, but is it really for me?

As you may already know, after building my own successful coaching business I decided to create a life coaching academy. Where many will dream, I’m a let’s-make –that-dream-happen kinda gal. I love helping people build businesses that suit their values and passion, which is what coaching is for me. And so the Beautiful You Coaching Academy was born.

By the end of 2016 more than 300 people will have graduated as a Beautiful You Life Coach from all over the world – Australia, UK, Europe, USA and throughout Asia, since it’s establishment less than two years prior.

Right now, many of our Beautiful You Life Coaches are running full-time businesses, workshops, speaking, writing books and best of all – making a meaningful difference to the lives of hundreds of people.

Now whether you’re a Beautiful You Life Coach or became qualified through another coaching body, it really doesn’t matter to me! If you resonate with the Beautiful You approach, and you want to build a thriving coaching business, the inspired COACH Collective is for you.

I know what it takes to build a successful coaching business and I’m passionate about seeing others do the same. So if you feel the pull to join our coaching community, jump in lovely. We’d love to have you.

And with an annual membership of just $127, why wouldn’t you?

Yes! I'd love to join the Inspired Coach Collective


of past private interview experts.

You'll get instant access to the following experts

Amanda Rootsey

Coaching Young People

Amanda Genther

Secrets of High Selling Sales Pages

Kate James

Mindfulness Techniques for Coaches

Connie Chapman

Developing Your Intuition as a Coach

Helen Roe

Signature Programs That Sell

The Inspired Coach Collective is just $127 AUD per annum for all these amazing resources! (GST will be added for Australian residents)

We would love for you to join us!

And because we love you before we’ve even met you we have some further special enticements for you to sign up early as part of this special new offering.

One on One Coaching with Julie Parker

The first 2 people to sign up to the inspired COACH Collective will receive a private 1:1 hour long phone coaching session with Julie. This is your chance to get laser sharp insight, support, wisdom and guidance from a coach who has helped launch and support successful coaching businesses all over the globe. quick!

Value: Priceless!

Lemon Canary Gift Voucher

If you are sign up number 3-4 we're going to send you a $100 gift voucher to spend at the divine Lemon Canary online gift shop. Candles, tea, chocolate, crystals - it's all there to beautify your home and tastebuds!

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Violet Gray Design Necklace & Vegan Soaps

For the beautiful souls who are sign up numbers 5-10 we will be gifting you a divine Violet Gray Design Floating Heart Necklace & two organic vegan soaps. They are handmade and smell almost good enough to eat!

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Inspirational Books

If you are sign up number 11-15 you're about to be inspired with a double book pack of 'Believe In Yourself and Do What You Love' by Kate James and 'Money and Mindfulness' by Lisa Messenger.

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Those of you who are sign up numbers 16-20 will be able to inspire yourself (or your clients!) every day with these beautiful self-love cards from Sacred Self. Perfect for your desk or altar as a divine daily reminder to love and honour yourself.

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Then join us in the inspired Coach Collective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up in the launch period when will I know if I got an extra bonus?

Keep a close eye on your email beautiful. If you have snagged a bonus we WILL be in touch to let you know after the launch period ends. If you don’t hear from us then know we are sending you a huge virtual hug for being one of our first members and we hope you enjoy all your inspired COACH Magazines.

I’m excited about the Live Q&A, but what happens if I can’t make it?

No need to stress lovely! If you miss the Live Q&A you will receive the recording and be able to listen to the private recording at a time that suits you. Please note that questions cannot be submitted prior to live calls. To ask a question you need to be live on the call.

When will the Live Q&A calls be?

Let's diarise them now! Your calls are going to take place on April 27th at 7am, July 12th at 7pm and October 19th at 11am. All calls will take place in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and we are mixing up the times so they can suit as many people as possible who are joining us from all around the world. They've been especially chosen due to them crossing so many timezones well.

How long will the Live Q&A calls go for?

Who knows! That’s going to deeply depend upon how many of you ask questions and dive in to receive Julie’s coaching and support, but they will go for a maximum of 3 hours.

I can’t keep up with social media. Do I have to join another Facebook group?

We hear you. That’s why the Inspired COACH Collective has no Facebook component. Oh yes...the intoxicating freedom from joining yet another Facebook group! Which means you can be part of the inspired COACH Collective without having to step foot into social media. (Imagine the productivity. You’re welcome.)

I’m not a Beautiful You Coach. Can I still join?

Of course! The Inspired COACH Collective is for all coaches who resonate with our heart-centered philosophy. There’s no upsell, and no sales funnel. This collective is for coaches who genuinely want to be better coaches as they build a successful business. If this is you, whether you went through our life coaching course, got certified by another coaching body years ago, or are currently training to be coach with us or someone else, makes absolutely no difference.

Will the Inspired COACH Collective continue after twelve months?

Absolutely! When you purchase your membership at $127 AUD, you’ll be auto-billed at that rate the following year. So if being part of an inspired, well-resourced coaching community lights your fire, jump in and claim a membership today!

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Refunds are not available but yes - of course you can cancel your membership at any time. We will be sad to see you go but wish you the best. Free will important to us and we know you too!

You will of course still receive ALL your yearly goodies (if there are any remaining when you cancel) because you've paid for a yearly membership! We will simply say goodbye to you once your yearly cycle has ended.

Without Julie I’d probably still be working for someone else, dreaming of my one day.

"After many brilliant coaching sessions with Julie of Beautiful You, I decided to take the leap and start my own business. This was a huge leap for me, and something I’d only dreamed of doing. Julie said to me many times, ‘you can do this’ and coached me through the process. Without her I’d probably still be working for someone else, dreaming of my ‘one day’. Thank you Julie."
Chantelle Ellem, Blogger,