Victoria Bauman

Victoria Bauman


Victoria coaches purpose-driven people to go inward and get clear so they can truly make their difference. She helps women tune into their voice and move past pesky blocks so they can build the boldness they need to be our next generation of world changers.


Life, Spirituality, Career


Not everyone has that pull you do to change the world. If you have it, honour it. Dive deep in yourself, get clear on your vision, find support, move past your blocks, and let the world hear you. Because really, that's what your soul is here to do.


Montreal, Canada


Victoria works with women who have always felt a pull to make a difference in the world. Her clients are tired of questioning themselves and they're ready to start making a splash. They crave an adventurous life, they want to be seen and heard as their real selves, and above all they truly want their work to have a positive impact in the world.


“Victoria is fantastic at what she does. I am so happy I chose to work with her...our coaching has been monumental in my self-development journey and helping me feel more comfortable in my voice, my message, and doing what I came here to do!” - Jamie M

“Victoria is an amazing coach for anyone who is searching for her purpose. I have struggled with self-confidence and self-limiting beliefs for so long and she helped me completely move past these obstacles. Victoria knew intuitively how to guide me through simple action steps and before I knew it, I was where I wanted to be.” - Hilda B

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