Tash Spencer


Tash Spencer is a certified life coach, writer and speaker for high achieving young women. She loves supporting twentysomething’s navigate the big transitions throughout their lives, careers and relationships, without being so darn hard on themselves. Through her online space and coaching programs, Tash lovingly guides her clients to course correct, wholeheartedly back themselves and create meaningful change in their lives - gently, joyously, unapologetically and at their own pace and speed.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Relationships, Creativity, Young People (18-28)


BHealthSc (Nutrition and Psychology)


Brisbane, Australia


Tash works with high achieving twenty-somethings who are feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to ‘tick all of the boxes’. They’re at a crossroads in their life and are craving more fulfilling careers, like-minded connections and creative pursuits. Through coaching, they adopt a more loving, compassionate approach to themselves and their dreams without burning themselves out in the process.


"Since working with Tash, I have a new found confidence within myself. This has helped me to cultivate more like-minded, genuine friendships and has helped me to believe in my fitness dreams. I now have the tools to take up opportunities to empower others and I feel so proud to be teaching group fitness classes within my community.” - Brittany Allman

“Prior to working with Tash, I was afraid to move forward due to fear of failure and was struggling to find balance amongst a busy schedule. Tash has helped me to implement new ways to organise my time and create a more harmonious lifestyle!” - Tracy Hopf

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