Sue Muller


Sue is a Life and Business Coach, Secret Superhero Advocate and Founder of Smile Chickie, an online community celebrating the many real life, amazing, positive, no-bullshit women who are out there quietly getting on with living the best lives they can. With a wealth of life experience ranging from navigating small business to advocacy and project management in the public mental health sector, all whilst successfully wrestling toddlers to teenagers and life’s many challenges; Sue is the queen of survival and transition.

As a coach she works with passion to support her clients, to reclaim their long forgotten superhero powers, design clear and achievable paths forward and live magnificent lives that they love.


Life, Business and Blogging


Sydney, Australia


Sue works with beautiful souls who have realized that they are doing a fantastic job of being everybody else’s best friend but their own. ‘Secret superheroes’, who are looking to rediscover, shine up and celebrate their unique strengths, and to start smiling on the inside not just on the outside.

She helps them to dust off their long held dreams and make them a reality, to get out from under the weight of what’s holding them back, and finally put themselves first.


“What an incredibly gifted, real, honest, authentic coach to help tease out what’s in your head and guide you to your own best possible solutions. If you need direction,accountability and guidance, Sue is a brilliant coach to set you on your path to becoming your greatest self.” – Kate Powe

“Sue is such a unique coach – her mix of life and business experience, fused with her wit and loveliness, is such an interesting and powerful blend.  It’s like having a funny, experienced, wise friend dedicated to helping you sort your shit out! You will shift so much in your life, you won’t regret it! ” – Frances Verbeek


What an absolute joy and privilege it is to walk with someone as they rediscover the incredible person they know deep down inside that they really are. To get to be right there beside them, supporting them on their journey as they step up and own their own unique magic.

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