Sarah Tamburrini


Sarah Tamburrini, is a life and wellness coach, specializing in body image and disordered eating. Having healed her own dysfunctional relationship with food and her body, Sarah helps women stop feeling out of control around food. She teaches women how to feel relaxed and free around food so they can eat whatever food they like without counting calories, obsessing over the nutritional value and freaking out about gaining weight. It’s Sarah mission to help women start living amazing lives now, rather than waiting for life to kick off when they’re ‘thin’.


Life, Health and Wellness


Bangkok, Thailand


Sarah supports women who are ready to stop letting their weight dictate their lives. Her clients are ready to learn to turn shame into self acceptance, comparison into compassion and ridicule into self respect.


"Coaching with Sarah has made me feel an inner calmness and and all round ability to actually be able to take a step back and relax. Coaching has had such a positive effect on my health where I now feel empowered and beautiful". - Ella Langley

"I had no idea how powerful or ground-breaking coaching could be. I'm no longer feeling like life is just happening to me, rather I am fully participating in it and I always have a choice. I have so much more self love than ever before". - Brigitte Shanks


Dare to believe it’s impossible to weigh how much worth you add to the world.

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